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Today I soaked in a sunset

on September 12, 2013

When was the last time you sat barefoot in the grass and watched the sunset?  Sunset 1

Yeah, me never either…

Or if I have…it’s been a coons age…hmm…I may have gotten that from Duck Dynasty…

I’m blessed to live in a beautiful, picturesque area and quite ashamed it has taken me this long to truly appreciate the lovely daily show of a sunset.

Watching the pinks and oranges of the sun slowly become overtaken by the blues of night time.

All the while, flocks of birds fly from tree to tree determining where toSunset 2
settle for the night.

The singing of the crickets and cicadas.

The warm summer air turning cool.

The silence….the peace…oh how relaxing…

Until it was destroyed…

It started slowly…a small black speck flying by here…Sunset3

Another a moment later…

Then I realized what they were…Nature’s vampires!!  MOSQUITOES!!

I shooed them at first…discouraging them from landing.  I’m pretty stubborn and I really wanted to enjoy this sunset and accomplish my something new for the day.  I thought to myself, I can handle this.  However, with determination in their hundreds of eyes, me=dinner was their only thought.

Suddenly I was under attack!

I swatted at the blood thirsty insects…getting one or two but obviously they were better manned and trained for this warfare than I.  They began to invade my personal space, landing on every exposed piece of skin, stingers cocked and ready.

“Retreat!” I yelled as I scrambled up from the grass and ran to the font porch…my flip flops abandoned…a casualty left on the battlefield.

I could feel the large cloud of them chasing me, ready to swarm the moment my speed slowed.Sunset 4

I ran up the three steps onto the porch and busted into the house making sure to slam the door shut as fast a possible…(I may have broken the sound barrier? It was quite a loud slam).



air condition…

As I slouched against the back of the front door, panting cause really I’m no sprinter…I heard the sweet sound of enemy frustration…tiny taps on the window….them hurling their little bodies…still ever determined.

Note to Self:  Sunsets are lovely…to be appreciated outside…….in the WINTER


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