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Today I walked 10,000 steps

on September 13, 2013

Happy Friday 13th : )

I received a Fitbit Flex for my birthday and can I just say…It ROCKS! : )  Over the last 9 months I have been focusing on my health and getting jazzed about exercise.  I lost 50 lbs but of late my motivation has waned..I needed something to reboot my fire.

Normally, I savor my gifts…it takes me a few months to open them…for instance, I received an IPad when they first came out…that took me 6 months to break open the box.  My snazzy Nikon DSLR…like a year…I dunno…I guess it’s just the ABCs of me, baby : )

But this gift…totally different!  I knew it was the Flex by the box.  No delicate, tear at the tape line, preserve the paper treatment for this gift…oh no…half second, shred the paper, IT IS MINE kind of opening!

So….Flex fully charged…I’m even too impatient to read all the instructions…I’m just wingin’ it : )

I have the day off and am planning to clear out/organize my craft room (quite the daunting task).  Since I’ll probably be moving my hands/arms cleaning (& to be fair) I set the Flex on Dominant hand mode even though I’m wearing it on my non-writing hand.  Crank up the difficulty : )  I love challenges!

11 am – 2860 steps…I have been up since 7 am and have been cleaning/straightening the house…hmm…gonna have to pick this up a bit…

1 pm – 4265…on track : )9-13 Steps

4 pm and all is well : ) – 7211 steps!

About 7:30 pm my Flex vibrated and the lights lit up celebrating I had reached 10,000 steps : )  WooHoo!! : )


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