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Today I embraced my not so inner geek…

on September 14, 2013

So…when you embrace your inner (insert whatever you are embracing)…is that a self hug? Just askin’

Recently I have been turned on to some awesome games.

Up to about 3 months ago, if you mentioned board games images of Candyland, Scattergories, or Life would float through my mind (thank you Hasbro marketing department).  And I will admit, my heart would race a little thinking I may have a new victim…errr…I mean opponent, especially for Uno or Sorry.

That’s actually what happened to me when a friend invited me to a game night.  My response was “Sure! I love board games!  Monopoly is one of my favs!”  This oh so sympathetic smile spread across his face and he took the tone that you would use if you were responding to a two year old who had said the most silliest thing “That’s nice…but those aren’t the games we were speaking of.”

Come to find out there’s this whole not-so-secret world of board games out there!  And these games like Pandemic and Tsuro to name a few take gaming beyond just luck or mind numbing chance draws of a deck…they really rely on strategy and skill.  I love games!  I love strategizing!  I love using skills!…how did I not know this?!  Thankfully, some wonderful friends intervened and I no longer live in the dark, under a rock, on some strange planet, in a galaxy far far away.

During the first game night I learned of the Youtube show Table Top, hosted by none other than THE Wil Wheaton (confession: one of my pre-teen crushes) where he gathers a variety of friends and they actually play these games in their entirety.  They discuss strategy, game mechanics, and make you desire to be one of Wil’s buds.  What an awesome Try Something New activity : )  Especially on a night like tonight when my bones ache, my mind is alittle peach fuzzy and my attention span lasts as long as…oh look!  Big Bang is on!

Hmm…am I sure I didn’t turn 80 on Wednesday?

My first ever Table Top show is:  I went for the easy one: Tsuro, Zombie Dice and Get Bit!  I know Tsuro since I’ve played it three times (won 1/lost 2), I’ve heard of Zombie Dice and Get Bit is new to me.

Random video watching notes:

  • I love his t-shirt “nerd-famous” : )  Nerdy shirts rock!
  • OMG!  I have totally been playing Tsuro all wrong!  I didn’t use the “sworshing” sound when I moved my dragon!
  • Ryan Higa!  He didn’t know about table top games either!  Kindred Spirit!! : )
  • Umm…If Wil Wheaton declares you his “Mortal Enemy”…you’re dead
  • I love the brain props…do they come with the game or are they just for the show?  Must…Get…Brains!
  • Ryan = Beginner luck?
  • Get Bit!: Lego meets reverse Hangman meets Jaws
  • Loved the PSA (Robots programed to not feel pain)!
  • Rod’s syke out!  Epic!

I’m hooked!  I really enjoyed  it : )  I’m no psychic but I foresee many of my upcoming hours in front of the computer tuning in : )

Now, it is 11:24 pm… I’m at 9649 steps for the day.  I have a couple of trips around the house to make to get to my 10k steps today.
No…I’m not obsessed with my Flex. ; )


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