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Today I napped

on September 15, 2013

Napping?  That’s something new? jake sleeping

Yeppers…for me.

I don’t nap.

  1. I usually don’t feel like I need to nap during the day.
  2. If I try to nap, my naps just become an earlier bedtime as I don’t wake up until the next morning.
  3. Usually my schedule does not lend itself to napping.

However, today was different.

I have one absolute truth in life…I am an 8 hour sleep girl.  I NEED 8 hours of sleep.  I can go on less…and can sustain less for a while…but then there comes a point where it ain’t pretty.

The deadly equation:
A birthday week of splurging on carbs
despite being on VaCa this week, I have still been waking up early.  Really?!  DaG-NaB-It!! (no 8 hour sleeps)
home alone last night (the pups assume guard duty and bark at anything…the TV, the wind, the moonlight or at nothing – you know, too quiet)
lunch at Olive Garden celebrating a family member’s birthday
(breadsticks, fettucine alfredo, chocolate cake…Oh my!)

So I napped : )

A four hour nap : )

Ahh..much better : )

I still don’t think I’m made for napping.  I woke up kinda groggy, for some strange reason I cannot get warm so I’m cocooned in my furry blanket and my hair turned monstrous.  Very much a different “Aint Pretty”…

And to add insult to injury…I’m behind on my steps.  At 9:00 pm I’m only at 4792!  Please pardon my french but FIDDLESTICKS!!!!!!!!

Alrighty…I’m out for an evening 5k…

What will tomorrow hold?  : )


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