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Today I made a green smoothie

on September 16, 2013

Birthday remorse has finally set in.  This past week I splurge like I had no accountability to the scale and calories didn’t count.  I still didn’t make it to the Cheesecake Factory but that will have to wait until next birthday.

The time has come to get back on track.

I’ve heard quite a bit about green smoothies.  They seem to be the vogue thing these days.  However pulverized spinach or kale never sounded appealing…I can get down with salads but liquified greens…hmmm….

Ok…if I’m gonna do it, I need to know what’s so great about green smoothies…I mean, if it will make me as tall and skinny as Heidi Klum then I’m all in!

I searched the benefits of green smoothies and found: which lists 9 benefits of the green stuff.  Increased energy? Sure, I could use more.  Radiant skin? YES PLEASE!  Weight loss? Totally!

Alright…sounds like the goods outweigh the potential gut wrenching, nose curling taste…I’ll give it a go.

I haven’t been to the grocery store in a while so all I have on hand is some apples, kale, bananas and oranges.  I came across a low carb recipe that calls for 4 apples, 1.5 c lemon juice, 4-5 leaves of kale and 8 oz water.  Hey, I’ve got all that!

As I diced the apple and cut the kale my blender was getting pretty full.  I decided to modify the recipe to 1 large apple, .25 c lemon juice, loads of kale, and 8 oz water.  Yes…I used floo-floo, high end water.  I saw it in WalMart and thought I would try it.



I mixed it up and did a small taste test…edible yes…delicious no.  I’m thinking the recipe did not take into account I only had McIntosh apples in my pantry so in went a small banana.

Finally I have an end product.  And I have to say it’s not too shabby.  I can imagine if I had more variety in my pantry like strawberries, cantalope, chocolate I could really make this into something great : )   Ready


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