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Today I changed doctors

on September 17, 2013

I don’t know if this post will appeal to anyone else out there in blog land but as Queen B of this blog it’s honest to my life and I’m posting it. (Queen B reference: the song Royals by Lorde…a song I’m lovin having stuck in my head)doctor-who

I have been going to the same doctor for as long as I started seeing doctors.  I knew deep down by staying with this doctor I compromised my level of care.   While this doctor is a lovely person and personally I wish them the best, I could not continue to jeopardize my health in order to not hurt their feelings.

It only took me a small amount of time to actually make a change.  Like just a few years.

I reached a level of comfort with this doctor and I valued that above the uncertainty of someone new.

Why do we stay in these situations for way too long?  Nicety?  Comfort?  Loyalty?  Insanity?  Probably all the above…

So let me assure anyone out there, if there is anyone out there in the same boat, to make the jump.  jump!  Jump!  JUMP I say!

By jumping to a new practice, I met a doctor who took a more hopeful, broader approach.  Isn’t that what we want in a doc?  Less judgment, more options?  I swear, this something new is going to make all the difference in the world and going to cascade in a whole new life for me.  Epic cannot even begin to describe.

I wish I could share more…in do time blog readers…in do time : )  Have you jumped yet?


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