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Today I have instituted a technology bedtime

on September 18, 2013

Do you know how much the light from our beloved technological devices disrupt our sleep?  The blue light waves from tvs, cell phones, IPads, laptops, etc trick your brain into thinking it’s still daytime.  Even after you turn them off your brain needs at least 2 hours to relax in order to allow you to sleep.  Don’t take my word for it, I found it on Web MD.

While you all are some awesome peeps, I need to get some beauty sleep (of the quality kind) so I bid you a good night : )

I will add more to this post tomorrow to tell you how I spent my non-technology time and see if it improves my sleep (as recorded by my Flex)

Good day : )  It’s tomorrow…Last night I turned off the computer and put my phone on charge in the living room so it wouldn’t tempt me to “relax” by playing level 76 of Candy Crush for the 3,416 time because I cannot get all three stars!  Yes, I am one of those.

WIth my attention not sucked into pixels on a screen, I focused on other important life items.  My pups.  I have four dogs : )  Two Lhasa Apsos and two Poodles (one standard and one teacup).  They’re my quote

I realized they could use a toe nail clipping.  Now, I have to explain…I have one drawer dedicated to their grooming supplies…leashes, brushes and combs, wipes, etc.  This drawer strikes fear into their little hearts.  I do not know why…I’m always very gentle with them and have yet to cause them pain.  Honestly, I love these gals and guy so much that I can promise you it would hurt me more to hurt them.  Nonetheless, they head for the hills at the mere look at the drawer.

So, my pups like to have their toe nails clipped as much as one would like to pass up on a “death by chocolate” cake.  I swear, I wrestled…I wrangled…they wiggled…they whined…what a very ugly 2 minutes!  Then the light bulb lit up above my head…(insert maniacal laugh) I know their kryptonite!…Doggie Treats!!  One shake of the doggie treat bag and the war was won.  The bribe worked and all 68 nails clipped. : )

Then I got the idea that I needed to evaluate ears.  Yep…they needed attention too.   Back to the drawer to get the ear wipes…I turn around with wipes in hand and *poof*…the room was strangely empty.  The puppy hunt began and I finally found them in the bedroom…huddled under the bed, each taking a side to stand watch to insure I couldn’t inflict anymore “torture” on them.  Now..I guess you would imagine that these pups would go in to full guard duty and growl or nip at me.  Probably normal pups would but not my bunch.  They have mastered a more devious skill…the guilt inducing puppy dog eyes.  They lay down, place their chins flat on the floor and then look up at me.  Instant mommy melt!  Hmm…how do I combat this?  Doggie Treats!!  One crinkle of the bag and suddenly I had four pups attention…and I had all 8 ears cleaned.

Oh no, what’s that? A mat in the little teacup’s coat?  Can you say COMB time!!!  Back to the drawer…turn around *poof*…suddenly I am alone.   Puppy hunt again.  This time they hid in their crate.  Well, let me clarify, they ALL hid in ONE crate.  One crate designed for a medium dog…not 2 medium dogs, 1 tiny dog and 1 large dog.  I peaked in the opening and saw all 4 sets of the puppy eyes.  *Sigh* Puppy eyes…I head to the kitchen to get the doggie treat bag but discover we were down to 1 treat…1 treat…4 mouths…the math isn’t adding up.  Again, I say my dogs are not normal…and I have a sneaky suspicion they combine their IQ to outsmart me.  Maybe if I just shake the bag I can trick them into thinking they will get a treat *Crinkle Crinkle Crinkle*  No pups.  Maybe I could add some food to the bag, shake it to make them come, then “treat” them with a piece of their food, not realizing until they already ate it.  *Crinkle Crinkle Crinkle* No pups.  Maybe I could shake the bag and stretch the one treat among them.  *Crinkle Crinkle Crinkle* No pups. Clearly they rationalized all my available options and were 2 steps ahead of me.

I am defeated.

And where do all defeated people resign themselves?  The bed.

I’m not sure if there was a positive affect on my sleep based on the elimination of light.  I did sleep pretty soundly as I had expended the remainder of my day’s energy on the pups though…


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