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Today I created a budget

on September 19, 2013

No…I have never created a budget.

Yes…I am ashamed.

Not because I feel it shows irresponsibility…no…more like I have been a traitor against my Type A personality.

I handle money well.  I earn it…I keep it.  Great, right?!  It’s Ab Fab…until you join your life with a spender.  He’s awesome…but he’s a spender.

I balance my check book to the penny…each day.  I would confess to you that I use four different ink colors when I balance my checkbook (red for a debit, green for a deposit, black for the name/reason for transaction, orange highlight for transfers between bank accounts)…but I would be ashamed to share that…not because that shows a touch of OCD…more that you would steal my idea.  I know what you are thinking…she REALLY thinks other people would use orange for transactions?!

So isn’t it unimaginable this kind of person doesn’t have a budget?  Yeah…totally freaky friday-ish!

But I didn’t…and I do now.

I’m trying to make a decision if I can proceed on a particular project.  I cannot divulge the project right now.  If it is successful though, it will be a post.

I’m sure I’m the very last person in the world to create a budget.  That’s me…taking procrastinati8 ballon to a perfectionist level.  I started with a blank excel spreadsheet and listed all my bills.  Then my OAD came out…oh, that stands for Over Achievers Disorder.  I began listing ANY monthly expense that may come up.  Car maintenance, house water filter, dog food, clothes, emergency yarn purchases…it was all right there…on the computer screen…in black, red, green, blue and white… The moment you step back and evaluate your budget is very much like asking the Magic 8 ball…If it’s good, “Signs point to yes”…not so good? “Very doubtful”

I hear you ask….what was the response to my “Magic 8 ball” budget question?

“Ask again later”



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