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Today I lived without coffee

on September 20, 2013

Yesterday, I drank too much coffee…coffee bliss

I’ve always loved the taste of coffee but have found myself consuming an elevated amount since the acquirement of a Keurig machine.  Having the new machine allowed me to sip my way through all the flavored coffees available in a k-cup.  Some of them tasted as if the coffee beans were grossly tortured.  And while I also discovered many delicious coffees, none rivaled Butter Toffee.

It’s like a candy bar in a cup.  A candy bar sans many of the calories.  Couple Butter Toffee with some sugar free French Vanilla creamer and one sip blissfully carries you away to cloud 9.  But not only is the taste divine…you get a little pick me up…the caffeine kick : )

These caffeine kicks can come in handy for those days when my productivity needs to be high.  Days requiring flurry cleaning of the house or being from sun up to sun down.  But yesterday, my job required some superhuman task all being accomplished in one 8 hour period.  Superhuman tasks require 2 cups of coffee.  So, I sipped my coffees wmailhile making my to do list knowing the kick would hit at the time I needed.

So the kick set it…and so did the jitters.  I did not need jitters while trying to work.  I had to send out a large mail batch yesterday.  On each envelope I have to place 2 labels and tape one of the envelopes.  I pride myself on the straightness of my labels.  You could take a laser level to check them but you would be wasting your time…I am that spot on.  Well, I normally am.  Yesterday’s mailing looks more like a group of kindergarteners applied them, during an earthquake, while hanging upside down.  Yeah,..nothing to be proud of there.

I birthed a new word when I commented to a coworker “I think I’ve had to much coffeeine”  My right brain was thinking caffeine but my left brain thought coffee and out came coffeeine.  I will call Webster Dictionary to report the new discovery in the morning.

Therefore, today’s something new was an experiment in self control.  Living without my much loved coffee.

I survived.

I missed the flavor but not the shakes.

But I cannot keep this up for more than 24 hours.  My coffee machine is locked and loaded with tomorrow’s morning brew.


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