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Today I watched Last Tango in Halifax

on September 22, 2013

Shall we dance? : )

I partied way too hard last night and woke up way too early to have recuperated….so I accomplished all my “had to’s” for the day which left this evening for much needed relaxing, veg-out, recliner time TV watching.  I remembered I had Tivo’ed (I ❤ my Tivos!..all 3…don’t judge me) a new PBS show which had been advertised on Masterpiece Theater…or was it Masterpiece Mystery,…oh probably Masterpiece Classic…anyhoo, at the conclusion of some Masterpiece show I saw an ad for Last Tango in Halifax,

The same kind of happen-chance spotting introduced me to lovely shows such as Call the Midwives, Mr. Selfridge, BlDownton Abbeyetchley Circle and by far the best, Downton Abbey.  All of these shows have hooked me but then left me high and dry sobbing in my pillow while they go off to create the next seasons…Some I am still devastated by to this day…not Matthew!…Poor Mary…the baby….oh the baby!!!

Last Tango in Halifax is a new British show on PBS about a man and woman who fell in love when they both were 16 but their paths in life diverged before they could tell each other how they felt.  Fast forward to present day, where they are in their prime at 60+ years old, they discover each other on Facebook and decide to meet to rekindle the love they have held for each other all this time.

Everyone all together…AWWWW!!! : )

I’ve watched the first two shows…I’m suspecting a third will be on tonight.

Unlike the others, I have not tripped and fell in love with this show.  It’s good…I will probably still watch it because, like most females, I am a sucker for a romance…but, let’s all be real…this show, just like life, is really just a space saver for the next installment of Downton Abbey.   Just sayin’…

T-minus 105 days until I can breathe again.


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