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Today I ate lunch at the park

on September 23, 2013

It’s Monday…first day back from a weekend…by lunch time I’m already counting down until the next weekend…1, 2, ugh!  too far away…

Well, what better way to rejuvenate one’s spirit than visit the park at lunch time!!  Luckily, I work a short drive away from a beautiful park on the Intercoastal Waterway.   IMG_20130923_135605_667I stopped in at Tropical Smoothie and picked up a chicken wrap and Blue Lagoon smoothie (with Splenda, of course)…side note, why are there more calories in the smoothies with just fruit than the ones with fruit and yogurt?  This makes no sense to me…

Anyhoo, back to the park…even though it doesn’t show in the picture, the weather was glorious!  The temperature was in the 70s…perfect!  A gentle breeze blew my hair and worries away.  Sunshiney.  Fluffy, puffy clouds just hanging out with the blue sky, Birds chirped in the background to the tune of Michael Buble’s Beautiful Day.  The sounds of “wees” and giggles as children played. And two squirrels circled the picnic table hoping I would drop a bit of my goodness.  Umm…not a chance.  I don’t share my Tropical Smoothie…

I tell ya…I think these park visits should be mandatory.  Meetings would be so productive on a park bench…you and a coworker not seeing eye to eye?  This calls for dueling slide contests!  Cannot seem to break that mental block?  Hanging upside down from the monkey bars should do the trick.  IMG_20130923_141047_121No need for a white board in nature…the sand pit makes for an excellent work space.  I think I’m totally on to something…

I swear…lunch time is the fastest 30 minutes of the day…I could feel the dread of going back to work creeping up on me.

I wanted to throw a temper tantrum that I had to leave but no one was around to appreciate it.

As I began the trek back to my car, I caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye.   A swing lightly swayed in the breeze…a clear invitation.  I couldn’t pass up the prime opportunity.  So, I swung : )…I felt like a kid again…my feet up in the air, trying to swing as hard as I could to get as high as I could.  Oh the absolute awesomeness of it!

Why did I ever grow up?

Lunch at the park…two thumbs up…if you want to schedule a play date just let me know…I’m sure our inner-childs would play well together : )


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