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Today I did a Compact Puzzle

on September 25, 2013

Sometimes it takes me a while to actually use gifts I receive.  I personally feel I’m savoring them.  So, I’ve savored a gift called the Compact Puzzler for about 9 months.  I would say its now primed to be opened.

Sure, I’ve worked many a puzzles in my day…big ones, little ones, odd ones, male ones…those male puzzles are always the most challenging.

But what is the most problematic issue when working puzzles?  They consume a lot of table space!  And those pieces have a tendency to runaway.  Shoo-wee…there ain’t nothin worse than getting down to the last three pieces to completing a puzzle only to discover it will take four to finish it!  Then you search high and low for that last piece…under the table, under the chair, under your seat cushion, under your cup of iced tea, under the box top you are using to study the picture, under your butt, under all the dogs, under the rug, under the lamp, under everything until your exhausted.  You sink in your chair and have that thought: “Them dummies shorted me a piece of the puzzle!  They said it was 1500 pieces!  False advertising!  It was only 1499!”. If your like me though you will leave the incomplete puzzle out for one, two or seven weeks in the off chance that you find it.  Inevitably you decide the time has come to surrender and the marred puzzle needs to return to its box.  You mumble under your breath bad language “stinking stupid puzzle”, “piece of fudge sicle”, “fiddlesticks!”, and the coup de grace “dagnabbit!”…Please pardon my french. Then two days after you have put away the $&%#@ (code for dagnabbit) puzzle, you find that rogue piece stuck to the lap blanket you used when you got a chill that one night.  Oh yah!  Now what do you do?  Drag it out to restart the puzzle so you can tame that monster of 1500 parts?  Totally!  Cause anything less would be defeat…we don’t wave the white flag… especially to cut up cardboard.

Luckily the Compact Puzzler solves all those frustrations and eliminates the use of those choice words and symbols.  The IMG_20130925_223720sliding trays on either side of the workspace secure all the unmatched pieces and can be tucked away for easy management.  No tied up table space and no missing pieces.  Absolute puzzle nirvana!  Additionally, the pieces are smaller than the size if a dime which means increased difficulty.  The more challenging the better in my book!

So, I tore open the plastic, completely dismantled the assembled courtesy puzzle, sorted the pieces into the trays and began the fun.

Whoo-wee!  This kinda fun could be dangerous!  🙂



Possibly a way to open the clear sheet if it’s stuck:  Hold up the puzzler with both hands.  Place thumbs on clear sheet and push up.  Hope this helps : )


20140719_135730 (1)


7 responses to “Today I did a Compact Puzzle

  1. Amber Horath says:

    Where can you get more puzzles to fit the puzzler, other than Barnes and Noble?

    • iamerica911 says:

      I contacted the maker of the Compact Puzzler and they confirmed Barnes and Noble is their only retailer. They also said they have 10 different puzzles for the Compact Puzzler but finding all 10 seems pretty difficult. Today I saw a larger version of the same item on I hope this helps 🙂 Thank you for reading! 🙂

  2. […] the Compact Puzzler rocks!  After completing my first puzzle, I am […]

  3. Rita says:

    I just bought a compact puzzler And I can’t open to access the free puzzle that comes with it how do you open it? I tried sliding from the lip and it does nothing , thanks in advance for your help regards

    • iamerica911 says:

      Hmm…on mine I pull the clear plastic lip towards me (away from the frame) and the whole sheet comes out. I do notice there are 2 small clear bumps (one on each side) under the sheet that may prevent the sheet from easily coming out. Maybe lift up a bit while pulling (easier said than done!). Please let me know if you get into your puzzler. In the mean time I’ll post some pictures just to see if our’s are the same or if they’ve renovated it. We need to get ya puzzling 🙂

    • iamerica911 says:

      Oooo…I think I may have just found a trick. Hold the puzzler with both of your hands with the clear plastic lip facing up. Take your two thumbs and press on the plastic sheet and then push up. I believe the little clear bumps are in place and preventing the clear sheet from sliding. Please let me know if ya get in 🙂

  4. jcarlschafer says:

    Hello, I am actually wondering if you still have any of these and would like to sell them. I have the cat, castle and train, and would love the lighthouse and any others you may have. Please let me know if you would be interested in selling them. I am in the southeastern US. Thanks and enjoy your day.

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