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Today I washed my face with coconut oil

on September 27, 2013

Coconut oil is not just for cooking! : )Coconut-Oil-Health-Benefits

While I love Facebook for connecting with old and new friends, I’ve clogged up my newsfeed with all the blogs I follow.  Now, I get 5 blog posts for every real person I know.  While that could be thought sad, I find I learn something new every day.

I follow a lot of paleo and return to natural blogs. I’m an undercover hippie.  If this were the 60s, I would be rockin the long flowing skirts and flower painted VW bus.  I would be dancing barefoot in the grass and passing out daisies to every one.  But this is the 2010s so I just recycle everything and plan how to eradicate GMOs.

I’m all about removing toxins from my life and recently have been learning about the evils of makeup and facial products.  Seems not only are my products killing the environment, they are also aging me.  OH NO!!!

Today, one of my followed blogs discussed using coconut oil as a face wash.  She touted that coconut oil is natural, free from toxins, doubles as a moisturizer and leaves skin feeling amazing.

Really? *insert skeptical facial expression here*

As the owner of oily skin, this idea seems counterintuitive.  If something is already oily, what sense does it make to add more oil?  If something is already on fire, do we add more fire?  If your Ben and Jerry’s Coffee Heath Bar Crunch bends your ice cream spoon, do you put it back in the freezer?  Heck no!  You try to warm that pint up anyway possible (stick it in warm water, let it sit out on the counter, scrape of the ice cream that is soft enough to eat until you can get the chuncks out, etc….as you can see I’m experienced in this area)

This whole oil on face idea sounds like a combination for record breaking pimples to be featured in the next edition of Guinness’s book.

Not exactly the infamy that I am seeking.

Upon further research, this may actually make work.   It seems what I have come to know as “clean skin”, you know, the straight after astringent feel, is actually detrimental.  I have removed all the oils from my face.  Well, this make your skin not so happay-happay-happay.  How does it retaliate?   Crank up those little oil factories into full production!   So, I’ve compounded the problem.

Also, something I had evaluated up until this AH-HA moment: Facial oil reduces aging.  We all don’t want wrinkles!  Not even those fun loving laugh lines!  So if I strip the oil from me face, how can my skin stay supple to fight those line?!  Interesting…

Ok…let’s try something new.

Directions for washing:  Scoop out a glob of the white stuff, smear on face, wax on/wax off (work in small circular motions all over face), then use a warm wash cloth to wipe off.

Ok…let’s try this.  I still have my day’s makeup and mascara on…quite a challenge for a kitchen product.

***Blog Pause***   ***Experiment in progress***

Ok….I tried it.  And LOVED IT!!!  OMG!  My face!  It’s soft, it’s glowing, it smells so good…and…it’s clean!!

Oh coconut oil!  Where have you been all my life?!

The oil went on pretty well…I scooped out a spoonful and applied it to my face.  The oil melted immediately and became easy to work.  The small circular motions felt like a spa massage.  Ahhh…  Surprisingly the oil wiped off pretty easy and left a light moisturized feeling to my skin.  And my makeup and mascara disappeared!

I cannot believe this worked : )

I cannot believe this miracle “facial product” has just been hanging out in my pantry!

I cannot believe Karate Kid was released 30 years ago!


3 responses to “Today I washed my face with coconut oil

  1. Chanel says:

    I absolutely LOVE coconut oil. It’s literally the magic food. I use it on my hair every other day and it makes it so silky! I haven’t used it on my face though… I’m afraid it will make me break out…But I’ve heard good things so maybe I’ll try it.

  2. iamerica911 says:

    Hello fellow coconut oil lover! 🙂
    Coconut oil in hair? Hmm…that’s interesting : ) How do you do that?
    I was quite leery about using it on my face as I’m prone to pimples but I have to admit it worked great. Even this morning, my skin feels clean (the new clean…not the old stripped clean) and soft/moisturized.
    I’d urge you to give it a try and let me know how it goes. : )

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