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Today I went to the Neptune Festival

on September 28, 2013

And walked the whole thing…and Imean the whole thing…for like over 5 hours…I reached over 16,800 steps for the day! It was awesome….exhausting but awesome : )Neptune

The Neptune Festival is the “locals take back the beach” party and like the last hoorah of the beach season at Virginia Beach.  Craft/art/food vendors lined the boardwalk and at the end there was a sand sculpting competition.

In my many years of living in this area, I have never experienced Neptune Fest. And I can tell I’ve really missed out. First off, I’m a sucker for arts and crafts. I could have spent 5 days perusing all the arty tents, examining the paintings and trying to keep up an intelligent conversation about brush strokes and Monet vs Van Gogh. That would last 1 millisecond.

There were two artists that stood out from all the rest. First was Conni Vogel. Her paintings of whimsical sheep exuded lighthearted playfulness and I really wanted one of her pieces to come dance on my wall. The other was Chris Gug underwater fine photography. When you stand in front of his ultra glossy photos you swear you can reach out and pet the clown fish and wonder where your scuba gear has gotten off to.

Then at the very end of the boardwalk was a huge tent on the beach in which they held the sand sculpting event. Sand sculptors from all over the world converge onto our little beach to create intricate, elaborate sand art which only lasts a few days. The best of all, in my opinion, is pictured here called Unravel Me.

They had me at yarn.image


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