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Today I broke a computer

on September 29, 2013

I had not intended to make this my something new for the day, but this will allow for a perfect opportunity for a technology rant.

I believe if you pay $1000 for a laptop, it should last a good long while…like 10 years… ok, stop laughing.

Or at the very least give you warning before it fails. Like “Hey lady, (in Jerry Lewis’ voice of course!) you have 3 days, 9 hours and 7 minutes to get your much loved documents and information off this device before I bite the big apple in the sky”.

Is that really too much to ask?

On Sunday night my laptop and I were having a great time. I had like 7 internet windows up cause I get a little ADD sometimes and start searching knitting patterns which leads to shopping for yarn which leads to balancing the checkbook which leads to stock market research which leads to world news which leads to recipes and before I know it that big lower case blue e pops up a message that says “No more New Tabs available”. So we were bebopping along together when all of a sudden the screen goes black and all the lights go out on the display. I check the power cord, I check the power strip…the power adapter has its little green light still a glowing which means the power isn’t the issue.

I panic… I turn it upside down… I try to shake it awake…I yell “Noooooooo!!!!” as if a loved one has just dropped dead in front of me. How could this just happen? I need help! Maybe if I rush it somewhere someone out there in technoland can revive my best friend! I remember the superheroes in white shirts and black pants at Best Buy…The Geek Squad! Surly those quirky guys who drive that little VW bug can handle an emergency case such as this!

I call them immediately…hoping they are still open and won’t charge me too much to examine this little guy. They walked me through a few simple checks to see if its an easy fix. No go…that would be too easy. They say they need to see it and to bring it in as fast as safely possible…time could be of the essence..I grabbed the laptop and its cord and headed straight to the Best Buy.

As I drove, I consoled and caressed it…”It’ll be ok….if you pull through I’ll buy you as many cans of air spray as you would like…”. Still, it didn’t stir. When I arrived, I rushed right up to the desk and explained the situation to the knowledgeable guy behind the desk. He poked and prodded and then said he needed to take it in the back for a deeper examination. All the while he was gone I wrung my hands in worry…oh please let it be a simple fix…Then he returned, his head hung low and my laptop in his hands…”I’m sorry ma’am…I think its the motherboard…its…its…fatal…”


Can you believe it?!

He called me ma’am! I’m not old enough to be ma’am! His older sister maybe but ma’am? That’s taking it too far…

I responded in disbelief: “FATAL!”

He shuck his head “Fatal.”

Me: “Fatal?”

He: “Fatal.”

Me in a small voice: “fatal….”

He: “Fatal.

So…the young whippersnapper (hey, he started this name calling!) asked “How old is the computer?”

“Only 4 years old…”

He stared blankly at me…”Oh…well, you know even a $200-300 laptop is better than this one…”

Now I stare blankly…”But…but…I spent so much on this one… how could it have gone bad at such a young age?!”

“Uh…ma’am…computers don’t last that long and this processor is so archaic.”

*sigh* he called me ma’am again…if I was a violent person I would yank his piercing from his eyebrow…

luckily I’m not…

He points me over to where the laptops are and says I may find an open box that’s a good deal.

Over the last 24 hours I have come to terms that I will have to invest in another laptop. I’m just so disappointed in our disposable society. And in this young generation’s haphazard use of the word ma’am.


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