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Today I watched Season 1 of the Classic Doctor Who

on October 1, 2013

TARDIS-TeapotThank you Netflix 🙂

Saying I watched Season 1 of the Classic Doctor Who sounds like I settled in with a bag of popcorn and a 2 liter of diet coke ready to binge TV. Actually the episodes are only 22 minutes long and a season is only 5 episodes.  So like 2 hours including bathroom breaks.

Tardis’ are everywhere.  In Barnes and Noble, Think Geek catalog, etc…they are blankets, banks, dog toys, key chains, night lights, etc.  I’ve noticed them but never understood it’s significance to life.  Its high time I remove this veil of ignorance.

The opening of the show had me in stitches…laugh out loud kinda stuff.  I know the show was produced in the 60s, the stone age of technology, but the opening was a little toy Tardis set in some tabletop scenery.  Oh how far special affects have come!

In the first season, the 4 Tardis travelers: white haired doctor, handsome Ian, a lady (obvious love interest for Ian) and the doc’s granddaughter, land in the 15th century and become captured by the Aztecs.  They spend 5 episodes escaping the Aztecs who just want to kill either in battle, by drowning or as sacrificial offerings to the Gods. I could go into more storyline depth but don’t want to spoil it for you.

My impressions of Season 1:
* I’m so surprised PBS aired this type of programming. A sci-fi show just doesn’t seem to fit my image of Sesame Street, Downtown Abby, Antiques Roadshow loving PBS. My how PBS has evolved…
* Doctor Who knows how to hook an audience. The story’s unfolding may not have you sitting on the edge of your seat but the last scene grabs you. Then they show you the title of the next show which eludes to a huge twist in the plot. It must be some voodoo magic because I was holding my breath for the 40 seconds it took Netflix to get back to the episode listing.

When I finished Season 1, I was on the fence. In the back of my mind I kept questioning how did this develop a cult following? And I had more questions than answers about the Tardis.

My interest was peaked enough to continue through half of Season 2 which left me even more question filled…why did the doctor change? Who are these new Tardis travelers? Why are we just down to three of them? Why do they keep panning across this girl’s bum every chance they get (kinda risque PBS)?

And the crafter part of me wants to know when the ubber long scarf comes into play. I’ve been given a request to knit one but feel my understanding of the show will improve the end product.

I’m stubbornly going to persevere to find the answers to my questions by continuing to watch.
This post may evolve.


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