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Today I made a Hot Toddy

on October 2, 2013

I’m sick.

I feel as if a Mack Truck has hit me.

And this ain’t pretty.

I’ve been sleeping all day so my hair looks a lot like Medusa sans the snakes.  I could rival Rudolph with my red nose.  His lights up so he may have me there.  Kleenex stock has risen today solely due to my runny nose.  I involuntarily moan every time I move due to the body aches.  I’m also shuffling my feet and moving zombie pace through the house thanks again to the body aches and this righteous headache.  I cannot stand fully erect because that seems to cause the pounding in my head to hit full force mode.  My throat feels dry + sore + raw and I sound like Bette Davis at age 80.

I’m Patient Zero folks…it was nice knowing you awesome peeps.

I need relief.

I searched home remedies and Hot Toddies keep appearing.  Either they keep appearing or its the only thing I notice.  Nevertheless, it must be a sign.

I’ve had Hot Toddies before but they have always been made by some unfortunate soul who got sucked into my sick vortex and felt the only path to survival was to knock me out.  I sympathize for them.  Anyhoo, today my pups are the only unfortunate souls in my sick vortex.  When I demand them to bring me chicken soup, they respond with licks.  When I demand them to fetch me more Kleenexes, they respond with tail wags.  But when I demand for more heat they all snuggle around me under the covers.  They provide good warmth…I think I’ll keep them.

Ok…I’ve determined I can make a hot toddy…lemon juice, honey and alcohol.  I’m in luck…I keep all those items stocked in my kitchen.  But in order to make get to the kitchen, I need to abandon my warm covers…I’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of that.

Ok, pros won but I’m bringing my blankets with me.

Mummified, I shuffle into the kitchen.  I gather the ingredients and start pouring a random amount of each into a glass.  I read up on the actual measures of everything in bed but now that I’m cold and freshly achy I could care less to fuss with measuring cups.  I nuke my concoction until warm and it steams as I pull it from the microwave.  I inhale those sweet yet potent vapors through my half stuffy and half runny nose.  The first sip burns but coats my sore throat bringing some relief.  And even though my blankets seem like cold heavy burdens on my shoulders now, I warm up just a little.

After a few more sips of my “medicine”, I realize I’ve had nothing to eat today.  My shuffles back to the bed no longer resemble a straight path.  The sleepys are settling in.

I don’t know if Hot Toddies actually fight the little germies that make you sick or if they just make you not care about the little germies that make you sick.  Either way, I’m back in bed and got my warmth troops huddled around me.

I pray for Patient 1.


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