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Today I defunked my microwave

on October 3, 2013

Day 2 of war against germies…they have won some battles…however I’m committed to win this war.

Today I decided to up my game.  I went to the store this morning to stock my arsenal.  First stop, the cold medicine aisle.  Yesterday when I took a daytime medicine, within 45 minutes I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I figured maybe a different medicine wouldn’t have that affect.  So in my cart went a new daytime medicine.  Next stop, soup aisle.  The time has come for the big guns…Campbell’s Chicken and Rice soup.  Some swear by the noodle soup and sure, that may work for those little sniffles but this is full on war.  Bringing noodles to this fight is like bring a lasso to a gun fight.  I need rice…that’s like bringing hand grenades to said gun fight.  No germies can withstand the chicken and rice combo.

I took the new medicine when I came home and low and behold it knocked me right back into my bed.  I have no idea why this keeps happening but it only feeds my determination.  When I awoke at lunch time, I knew it was time for my next attack: SOUP!  I open the can, pour into the bowl and add just a little bit of water.  I carry my weapon to my microwave, pop open the door but was greeted by a yucky odor.  The smell was a cross between bacon, a ravioli Lean Cuisine, bacon, pork fried rice, bacon and bacon.  As you can tell, I zap my bacon.  I could not cook my next attack in that mess.

No big deal…just a little wipie wipe and all will be well.

I wiped the microwave from top to bottom.  I washed the round plate and even the little plastic wheel thingy that the plate rests on.

Alright…ready to go.  I placed my weapon in the microwave but I could still smell the odor, even through my half stuffy nose.

Something more needed to be done. 

Now, let me caveat here…this is not the first time I have ever cleaned my mircowave…Ewww gross!!  But this is the first time I have had to take such extreme measures to exterminate yucky odor.  Ok, on with the show…

Onto the internet I go to look for a recipe to defunk the microwave.  I found several which recommended vinegar and decided to give it a whirl.  One rIMG_20131003_195050_538ecipe called for 1/2 cup distilled vinegar with 1/2 cup water.  Well, I figure for a big funk 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup water would work better.  You know, more is better right?!  So I poured my cleaning solution in a bowl and nuked that bad boy until the bowl rocked from the boil.  Then I let the mixture just sit in there for a few minutes.

I popped open the microwave door and viola no smell…well, the odor had been replaced with a very pungent vinegar smell.  The kind that twinges your nose and curls your toes.  But in comparison, I could live with that.

I wiped all the sides, roof and floor of the microwave and stood back to admire the sparkle.

Mr. Clean would have given me a high five.



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