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Today I’m considering buying a Vitamix blender

on October 5, 2013

Normally the price point would eliminate any further consideration to purchase a Vitamix blender.  Or any kitchen gadget.  Or any household gadget for that matter.

$500 for a blender? Those kind of digits following the dollar sign would make my bank account spasm!

And what makes a blender worth that amount of money?
Diamond parts? I’m cool with just metal…possibly plastic for the right price.
Magical self cleaning? That’s ok. I know my way around a dishwasher.
A hunky guy that has your smoothies ready for you every morning? Oh…well in that case, here’s my credit card.

I looked high and low over the spec sheet and I see no mention of hunky guy included so I return to my question…why so much?

After some research and YouTube video watching, the answer seems to be quality. I witnessed a demo of the blender at the Neptune Festival last weekend where the guy made a smoothie and included the WHOLE lemon in the ingredients. Needless to say, my current blender would raise the white flag if I tried the same trick. And in the sample I found no evidence of lemon rind or seeds…just smoothie deliciousness. I also watched several videos about making green smoothies using this blender and theirs turned out like a drink where as mine had the texture of rough applesauce. Yummy…a smoothie that requires a spoon and chewing.

I guess a kitchen gadget that can reach over 37,000 rpms may warrant such a dollar amount.

But then I wondered could a lesser priced blender do the same. Maybe I could find a 35,000 rpm model for $50. A girl can dream, right?  So I looked at the Ninja blenders but they just do not compare. You cannot do grain grinding in the Ninjas and the green smoothies still come out chunkyish. The only other blender that can play in the same ball field would be the Blendtec but they have the same price point. I did consider them for a moment seeing as they can eat iPhones (see  but the Vitamix is completely made in the USA (insert patriotic music here), handles making nut butters more easily, and comes in white, an extremely important factor.  And I rarely have a taste for blended electronics.

It’s settled. I’m sold.

Now, to decide which arm and leg will I sacrifice to afford one…


7 responses to “Today I’m considering buying a Vitamix blender

  1. girlychristina says:

    I wish I were rich so I could buy one of these. I saw an in-store demo of a Vitamix at my Whole Foods. The lady made ice cream on the spot, it was so cool! But $500!! =( I think she gave out a coupon and her recipe book if you were to buy it from her. So if you do decide to get one, keep your eye out for any discounts! =) I think if I ever got one of these that I would blend everything in sight! LOL! Keep us posted if you get one!

  2. lifeisnoyoke says:

    That you wrote a detailed blog post about contemplating your Vitamix purchase had me cracking up. Nice work. That and iamerica911’s comment above inspired me to write this. Thanks.

  3. jennamichael says:

    I LOVE that you write something almost every day! I am writing a similar blog but I only do an activity every week. Will you give my site a read and tell me what you think, throw out some ideas, anything! Once again, I love your material!
    Thanks xo

    • iamerica911 says:

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment :). I’ll be happy to check out your blog. I paused my blog due to a family event but am restarting it today (Yeah!) :). Please follow so you won’t miss a post 🙂

  4. […] used the Vitamix (Yep!  This is the first actual use of the Vitamix!) to process the chicken and cheese […]

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