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Today I bought a Vitamix

on October 6, 2013

I took the plunge : )  I jumped into the deep end : )  I committed : )

I bought it : )

I parted with $400…Egads!  Good thing I’ve been saving my birthday monies for like 3 years!

This may seem like a fast development but really it’s been a year+ long process.

A friend spurred the purchase on…it’s all his fault!  lol  He is a member of Costco and sent me a text to say they had the 5200S for $375.  That’s about a $75 savings from the website…and I could get it today rather than wait for shipping.  Once I decide something, I just cannot wait.  I may take forever to go through the research and deliberation phases but the acquirement phase is lightning fast!


 The Vitamix display (blurry pic because I couldn’t keep my excitement under wraps)


The Vitamix in the cart


My Vitamix in my car (kept company by new wiper blades and bag of pecans in preparation for holiday baking)


My Vitamix at home (yes, I have a smiley face in my kitchen…doesn’t everyone?)

Now…I have not opened it yet.  That may be another post…


2 responses to “Today I bought a Vitamix

  1. girlychristina says:

    OMG YAYAYAYAY!!!! You bought! I’m so excited for you and excited to see all the creations you make! =) Good call on buying it at Costco, too! They are awesome!! Congrats on your new “baby!” ❤

    • iamerica911 says:

      Thank you Girly!!: ) Costco definitely had the best deal so I could bring my baby home lol : ) I will keep ya posted on what I make and how well it really works…once I open it 😛

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