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Today I bought a future domain name for this blog

on October 7, 2013

I bet you thought I would write another post about my Vitamix, didn’t you?!


Fooled ya!! : )

I like my little blog experiment and I hope you like it too.  That’s why I bought a domain name to house this humble project in the near future.

Now keep in mind, when I say the near future I’m being super optimistic because I really have no clue what to do with a website beyond this point.

You could say I’m website hosting/making/creating/moving/promoting knowledge challenged.  I’m just the latest newb on the web.   : )

My dear husband began explaining websites in terms of “street address” (domain name) and “mobile home” (web hosting).  I guess he took my blank stare to mean I didn’t understand because he repeated the explanation again, this time adding hand gestures including drawing a house in the air and demonstrating that the house can move from one location in the air to another…you know, cause that means “it’s mobile”.

I swear he would have whipped out a white board and squeaky markers to further illustrate the diagram, if we had one.

My blank stare wasn’t necessarily that I didn’t follow the concept…I was mentally debating if his oversimplification was condescending or if he really thought I didn’t know about domain names.

At any rate, sometimes you just have to appease them and say “Really?!  Oh wow…thank you for that awesome and clear explanation…you are super dooper!” in the most authentic manner possible.

I’m usually pretty convincing : )


On a personal note, our family received some crummy news today.  My husband’s mom, the loveliest lady I’ve ever have the privilege to meet much less be related to, has and is courageously, tirelessly fighting cancer.

Today the doctors broke the news that our time with her is more limited than any of us realized.

I’m dedicated to this blog being an everyday experience.  As I said in my What is this Experiment page, some days will be big something news…some days small something news.  Life has a way of taking over our best laid plans sometimes.  Over the next few weeks or God willing the next few months, please be patient with my postings.  I will do my best to keep them entertaining, light hearted and interesting.  However, if there is a string of small something news that may teeter on the side of lame, please understand that may be all the time and energy I may have that day to dedicate to this project.

But I do promise to post something new everyday   : )

Thank you so very much for your readership  : )  We welcome any prayers, positive thoughts and/or good vibes you could send on behalf of our dear, special lady.


4 responses to “Today I bought a future domain name for this blog

  1. girlychristina says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your mother in law! =( Lots of prayers for you and your family!!

    p.s. I think your husband’s explanation is really funny! They try so hard. LOL!

    Take care, girl! ❤

  2. Jacqueline McGrath says:

    Erica our hearts are broken , hugs to you , David and boys XOXO

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