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Today I did oil pulling

on October 8, 2013

It sounds strange doesn’t it…oh golly, you don’t know the half of it.

I’ve mentioned before that I follow quite a few holistic blogs.  Over the past few months I’ve seen several of them reference oil pulling and exclaiming it’s awesomeness.  I didn’t know what the heck oil pulling was so I turned to my trusty friend YAHOO!.

Oil pulling is using oil (coconut, sunflower, sesame, etc) as an oral rinse.  Ewww do what?

This practice has a handful of benefits: teeth whitening, healthier gums, stronger teeth, decreases bad breath, effective at removing germies in your mouth.  Wow…like a more natural Listerine.  But still, ewwww.

Additionally, oil pulling can improve other health conditions such as allergies, bronchitis, dermatitis, TMJ, migraines, etc.  You should really check out the whole list on  Even if it’s the long lost cure-all of the ages, it still sounds grody to the max, man!

But I do want to expand my horizons, break out of my comfort zone and to have snow white teeth despite my 16 oz cup a day coffee habit.


So, this morning I woke up and went straight into the kitchen.  Amazingly I have sunflower seed oil in my cupboard.  I cannot remember why I bought it…probably spied it at Trader Joes and the curiosity prompted me to add it to my cart.  Or my decision making was impaired by the free wine tastings…do you realize you can try like 6 wines at one time?!  wah-hoo!

I poured out a tablespoon of this gold oil, wrinkled my nose and kept repeating to myself “oh this is gonna be ewwy…”, then just downed it.

Oh it WAS ewwy!

But only for like a minute…
Speaking of minutes, I set the kitchen timer for 15 minutes.


I swished the oil around my mouth for a good while.  At first, it was oily and seemed ubber weird but after a while the oil became thinner and easier to move around.  Once it became thin, the swishing sounded like Fozzie Bear from the Muppets “Waka waka waka”.  I wanted to laugh but had to stifle the giggle.

Fast forward 14 minutes.  About 1 minute away from the buzzer I prepared a salt water rinse.  From what I read, this waka waka waka stuff has become very toxic and you should spit it directly into the commode.  If it’s that serious, I wanna make sure none of that junk is still left in my mouth and salt water should take care of any leftover germies.

I had planned to do as I was told and head to the bathroom but curiosity took over and decided to use a cup to really see what the oil had turned into.  It just looked like a little bit of milk.  (I SINCERELY apologize if this picture is too grody!!)


Overall, if you can get through the first minute, you’re golden.  I brushed my teeth right after and they totally squeaked!

Also, usually after lunch I feel like my teeth HAVE to be brushed, but today not so much.  In fact, they felt clean for most of the day.

As much as I love my Colgate Total, it’s performance pales in comparison.


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