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Today I spray painted…well spray Kilzed

on October 10, 2013

I don’t do home improvements by myself. 

If a project does get done around the house, I man the dust pan and broom. 

The extent of my independent home improvements would be I mow…but that’s just strategic riding in straight lines (or circles in my case).  I do like having my home improved and Lord knows my poor little house needs it.  Being that it was built in 1900 my house is 1500 square feet of EGADS!  In 2005, I fell in love with the property (6 acres) upon first sight.  In front of the house stands a 200 year old oak tree.  That tree is one of the many reasons why I feel so connected to my little piece of Earth.

I intend to build my Barbie Dream House on the property….once I locate the Barbie bank account.  Until then, I will work on this house.

I lack general knowledge on how to do home improvements.  I have a growing list of projects I want to accomplish.  I want to tile a back splash, replace flooring, remove popcorn ceiling, repaint, add molding…and that’s just the kitchen! 

But to get started, I need to start off small.

A few months ago we decided to replace the flooring in the bedroom.  First step was to remove the carpeting.  Well, we removed 1/3 of the carpeting and discovered an old water stain under a window.  The plan was to monitor the spot for a few days to ensure it wasn’t an ongoing issue then apply Kilz to cover it.  Luckily, the spot never changed but neither did our progress on replacing the floor. 

Fast forward to today.  Its time to put on my big girl pants, brave Home Depot by myself, get a few cans of spray Kilz and tackle this.  Surly there’s nothing to operating a can of spray paint…

Come to find out, Kilz comes in several options.  Oil based, interior, exterior, etc.  I opted for the low odor version because I would like to sleep in the bedroom tonight : ).  I returned home and set up the workspace.  I grabbed some newspapers to protect the bed and my dressing table from splatters.  I swept and vacuumed the area to ensure no dust bunnies would get painted.  I even removed the tact strip leftover, which required a hammer…I used tools! half paint

Then I did what any female would do… I read the directions!  It says to shake the can for 1 minute before spraying so I timed my shaking.  Precision is key if I’m gonna be Ms. Toolman Taylor!  Now, on to the spraying…I really have no idea if there’s a technique I should employ…normally I would have paused to consult Yahoo! but I aint got time for that…I just wing it.  So, I spray in spots, then lines, then diagonals, then swirlies then repeat to cover the spots I missed.  Wow, who knew I was a graffiti artist?! 

In the end, I used the whole can but got the whole spot covered.  When I stood back to evaluate my work, I realized where half the can of paint went…my hands and feet were covered in splatters.  When I attempted to wash my hands and feet I realized the stickwithitness oil based paint has and feel I’m going to be wearing this ultra white for a few decades.  But I accomplished a “home improvement” project from start to finish. fully painted

I feel empowered!

I feel motivated! 

What else can I do?!  take out walls? replumb the house? build a house from scratch?!  Hmm…the possibilitie are endless!! : )


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