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Today I tried acupuncture

on October 11, 2013

I’m allergic to needles.

Well, not really…but that’s what I say whenever shots are mentioned.

At the doctors, when they ask me if I have had a tetanus shot within the last 5 years I lie and say “Of course!”

When they ask if I want a shot for faster healing or pills, I opt for the pills.  I’m a patient person.

When the doctor gives me the sales pitch about flu shots, I say “No way, Jose!  I DO NOT volunteer for shots!”

I think you get the picture…

But I don’t think western medicine has it all figured out and I’ve always been fascinated by eastern medicine.  I don’t believe that taking chemicals into our bodies is the ONLY way to cure a problem, especially when the potential side affects out number the potential positive affects.  I reference any drug commercial that has to reserve 10 seconds of the spot and hire the fastest talker to read the warnings required to make the lawyers happy.  And I believe, to a good extent, that nature provides much of what we need to heal ourselves.

With that said, I’ve often thought about the effectiveness of acupuncture however the thought of voluntarily allowing someone to stick me with needles, in various places, caused me to quickly dismiss it.  But curse you Living Social deals!!!  In July they offered a super low deal on a session at an acupuncturist close to my home.  Cheap and close, two of my favorite “c” words.  I figured the stars had aligned so I jumped on it.

It only took me 3 months to schedule an appointment…

His office seemed like any other doctor’s office and he had a very approachable manner.  Come to find out he attended my high school…Go WIldcats!  I must be in good hands…

He began the session asking about the foods that I like and how I feel when I eat certain things.  Within just a few questions, he typed my metabolism and gave me pointers about my diet.  Come to find out, for my metabolic type, I should not mix meats with cheeses, eggs or nuts and should increase my carbs with the use of veggies and fruits.  I guess orange scones don’t count dagnabit!IMG_20131011_223532

Then to the needle part.  He demonstrated that these needles are solid, not hollow, strawish, like hypodermic needles.  Hypodermic needles cause you to bleed because they break the skin.  These needles slip right into pores, as such do not cause pain or bleeding.  He asked me to lay on my side and lift my shirt to expose my lower back.  He placed like 4-5 needles along each side of my spine and then one on the lower part of my leg.  I felt him place each one but they did not hurt at all.  Next he said, “You’ll be lucky enough to get one on your head”…I responded with my typical “awesome!” however in my head I freaked out a little.  He parted my hair, found the spot, then placed the needle.  I felt it but again, no pain whatsoever.

Next was nap time : )  He turned the lights off and allowed me to relax for 15-20 minutes.  it surprised me how relaxed I felt. I could have fallen asleep.  And I could feel different sensations in my body.  Where the needles were on my back, it felt like the sensation you get when someone gets close to touching you but hovers their finger or hand just above your skin and your hair stands on end.  That sensation has stayed with me all day.  Even now, over 12 hours later, I still feel it in the small of my back.  How neat!

He ended the session by coming in and removing the needles and we discussed a follow up appointment.  I asked him how many sessions did he think I needed and surprisingly he said probably only the follow up and then maybe every now and again.  How refreshing that he wasn’t trying to sucker me into some contract or huge amount of sessions.

I loved it…my next session is the end of next week and I can barely wait.

But please be assured, just because I had a pleasant experience with these needles, that doesn’t mean the flu shot pushers will gain any ground with me! Oh no!


3 responses to “Today I tried acupuncture

  1. I love Eastern Medicine. Also love acupuncture. It really scared me the first time but it is relaxing. Kind of a neat feeling. Love massage even better. Especially the stretching type. Could do this twice a week if I had the money and time. Ahhh

  2. […] few months back, when I went to the acupuncturist, he recommended I try a honey and apple cider vinegar mixture…he called it a tonic…when […]

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