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Today I’m living without my luggage

on October 13, 2013

I’ve traveled to visit my mom-in-law (see Today I made an appletini) and some way, somehow my bag of clothes and necessities did not make it into the truck. 

I would imagine this could be compared to trying to write with your feet…only monkeys can do it…Ericas cannot.

Let me explain my OCD packing.  I have a list.  No, not one that was jotted down the day before the trip on the back of an envelope destined for the recycle bin…I’m professional.  I created this list well over 10 years ago and have refined it to perfection.  Ok, honestly, I have two lists: a travel list for road trips and one for air travel.  The list resides on my computer and gets reviewed in advance of the trip to make any additions/subtractions as needed, depending on the trip purpose.  Additionally, while this list covers all toiletries as well, I have a toiletry bag packed at all times and still check it against my list before it heads to my travel bag.  I take this opportunity to top off any supplies that may need to be refilled to ensure all containers are full to capacity with fresh stock. 

I like to pack…I’m very detailed in my packing…for one purpose: To make certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I will not need anything additional while on travel.  I’ve forgotten things, of course before the list, and I have found that I’d rather not spend my time somewhere new searching out needed items.  It’s always an inconvenience and I feel its well within my power and preplanning to avoid such frustrations.

So imagine the moment I found out my bag decided to not join me for the trip…

The bag was discovered missing last night oh about 1 am.  Everyone was transitioning into pjs which, after a day of travel, seemed like a glorious idea.  I could not wait to get into my silky, light nightie pants and super-soft perfectly broke in t-shirt.  These are my traveling pjs…only used during occasions away from home.   I look forward to their coolness and comfort, especially having been in jeans and a tshirt which became stained with mustard during lunch on the road.  I felt I smelled like mustard all day.  My comfies were well warranted.

I could not believe my bag was not with me.  Now, let me be clear, it was someone else’s responsibility to pack the truck.  I won’t name names so as to not throw blame around but his initials are hubbie and it was his responsibility.  And in all fairness, I could see where my bag was forgotten.  I mean, somehow three laptops made it in the truck, but my bag did not. 

When the truck and the room were completely searched only to reveal, in fact, the bag stayed home I panicked, stressed and freaked out.  In that order.  I had nothing other than the smelly clothes on my back and my craft bag, that I personally carried into the vehicle.  Now, want to reach Def Con 8703?  Take me on a trip with no project…that ain’t pretty.


No clothes, no cleansing products, no medicines, no glasses. I felt so naked!

Hubbie did apologize profusely and offered me some of his clothes.  I know it was a simple travel error.  At least in my heart I did…

My obsessive brain thought differently.

I excused myself to the bathroom, composed myself and came to a calm state of mind…there is a Walmart and Target within a 30 min drive.  This isn’t anything a trip to the store cannot solve. 

So, I slept in my jeans,  smelly shirt and contacts… I absolutely do not recommend it!  And first thing this morning went to both stores to recreate my luggage, which is now a gray Walmart plastic bag. 

After much $$$ and time I have the supplies I need to survive for the next 4 days. 

All mistakes are just learning opportunities so I’ve thought how can I prevent this in the future.  I’m pondering stashing an emergency bag in the truck with a change of clothes and a second toiletry bag.  Maybe shipping my stuff 1 week ahead.  I could just leave my duplicates here the next time.  Or add to the top of my packing list MINE IS THE FIRST BAG TO BE PACKED! 

Or all the above…that wouldn’t be too OCD…


2 responses to “Today I’m living without my luggage

  1. zupher says:

    I shared your misery. Lesson learned from 100 generation before: That other spesies really cannot be trusted with stuff except stupid fact on mindless sport and food. P/s: your bags is beautiful . Loves the color and design. It is mystery how can somebody missed that and packed 3 labtop..OCD much ? :p

    • iamerica911 says:

      Its a mystery how it was overlooked. :). But everything worked out and made for a blog post! lol. Looking forward to non-jeans pjs tonight! :). Thank you for reading! :).

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