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Today I ate lunch alone…in a restaurant

on November 19, 2013

I spent the day running some errands…pet store to pick up bunny food, craft store…just to check if there was anything new, bank, craft store…to compare prices, recycle shipping boxes, craft sore…just to check if something changed in the last couple of hours…you get the picture.

By lunch time, I had worked up an appetite.  Normally I would just hold out and get something when I got home or grab fast food and eat in the car.  I’ve always thought eating alone in public had to be so lonely and awkward.

What do you do with yourself if you don’t have someone to converse with or blow straw wrappers at?

Well today I figured I would find out.

I decided on Buffalo Wild Wings…I had a hankering for fried pickles.  Pickles and me…we’re close…we go way back.  And BWW serves them with a kickin’-lickin’ good southwest ranch sauce.    Two words:  The Bomb!

You should have seen me…I was brave!  I parked the car…I opened the door…I was greeted by the hostess…then my bravery just sunk to the floor…

“Just one?” she asked.

I panicked…my heart sunk…I could have sworn the song playing through the restaurant went “One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do…”  I instantly calculated a retreat plan…but then my mouth took over:

“Yeppers…just one.  Just me.” and added a confident smile for extra measure.

When I sat down, the waitress approached and asked the same question.  I repeated my response…I feel my can answer is now like a new armor shield.  She took my order and the awkwardness set in.  No drink to fidget with, no menu to ponder, no pickles.

What do you do with yourself?  Silverware wrapper origami?  Napkin art?

Being surrounded by monstrous TVs, I tried to look consumed by the programming.  It would have worked out great…if I was into sports.  My kind of sports are figure skating, gymnastics, curling (hahaha) but unfortunately all the programs were about football.  So, that didn’t work.

I then turned to my phone…the ultimate pacifier.  I caught up on emails and Facebook but that only took 2 minutes.  Ah ha!!  I could start this post!  Thank you WordPress App!!

So here I am, sitting at the restaurant, sharing my meal with you! : )  I’m so glad you could join me!  What lovely company!

Come on, help yourself to some pickles…but I have to insist…no double dipping please! : )


One response to “Today I ate lunch alone…in a restaurant

  1. Jeanne says:

    works for me. I try to always remember to have my kindle with me when I go to town. I like to read while I eat, as I can not tat and eat at the same time. I can tat waiting for my food, but not while eating.

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