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Today I went on a Poinsettia Tour

on November 24, 2013

Lucky for me, I live near a large nursery that grows over 460,000 poinsettias which are destined to spread holiday cheer all around the world.  Even luckier, they provide free tours through the greenhouses so customers can ogle over the sea of bright Christmas red flowers.  Below is a panoramic photo of just one of the greenhouses housing the seasonal beauties.

The Poinsettia tours are offered for one weekend each year.  This weekend was the first cold snap which was perfect weather for such an activity.  I underestimated the chill and under-accessorized which is kinda crazy seeing as I am a knitter and make hundreds of scarves each year.  As such, my cheeks got a little rosy and my nose a little numb during the 15-20 minute wait for the tram.  Two of the loves of my life are Old Man Winter and Jack Frost so I just consider the chill kisses from each.

Once on the tram, the tour guide introduced himself and narrated several facts about the nursery and the history of poinsettias.  He stated the nursery dedicates about 6 acres to growing the poinsettias annually and poinsettias were originally used by the Aztecs to make red dye and medicine.  I tell ya, those Aztecs were some pretty smart cookies!  lol  There were many more facts revealed however at about this, the tram pulled up to one of the greenhouses and the doors opened up to reveal the sea of red like below.  The view took my breath away.  The tram then drove through the center of the greenhouse and we were surrounded by thousands of the beauties.  As we drove by, I noticed a series of wires which connected each pot.  The tour guide explained the nursery has to maintain a delicate balance of watering, lighting and temperature in order for the poinsettias to grow and bloom in time for the holidays.  He also explained the hanging pots were only used to maximize growing space in the greenhouses.

We then were taken to a different greenhouse in which we could get out and take pictures and walk along the aisle to appreciate the poinsettias.  I could not wait to capture a picture of this to share with you : )

We stayed at that greenhouse for about 5 minutes and then returned to the tram to go back to the main building of the nursery.  In the main building, the staff greeted us with hot chocolate and cookies…and heat : )

If you ever get a chance to take part in something like this, do it : )  It truly jump starts your Christmas Spirit : )



2 responses to “Today I went on a Poinsettia Tour

  1. Jacqueline McGrath says:

    So beautiful Erica, what a nice experience . Sounds like you are enjoying some of your free time .

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