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Today I shopped on Thanksgiving

on November 28, 2013

*Hang my head in shame*

First, I usually would never shop on a holiday.  I believe family time trumps commerce.  I even have guilt shopping on a Sunday!  However this shopping stop wasn’t my idea.  Clearly if I trashed my values, I would have dumped them to be at a craft store.

Every Thanksgiving evening the whole family sees a movie.  This year we picked Thor 2 (two thumbs up).  At 7 pm, on our way to the theater, we passed a Target. O-M-G!  Target must have had the sale of the centry because the line ran from the entrance down the full length of building and began to wrap around the side!  Can you say CrAzY?!  No sale could ever be worth standing out in 32° weather and catching pneumonia for…Also, when the line gets to the end of the building, what could that person be thinking?   Surely all the good deals would have been gotten by the first 100 peeps.

We said “No way Jose!  Not us!” and proceded to the movies.  Besides, what do you call shopping on Thursdsy night?  Thrifty Thursday?  Black Friday eve?

After the movies (about 9:30ish), we were surprised by the number of stores open.  Even Office Depot opened Thanksgiving night!  Hubby declared he wanted to go to Best Buy.

Me: Are you crazy?!  It’ll be a madhouse!  And it’s Thanksgiving!  We don’t shop on Thanksgiving!

Hubby: Let’s just go by and see.

Me: Really?  What item are we looking for?

Hubby: I dunno. ..let’s go see.  Besides, call it research for your blog.


When we drove up, I thought the worse.  There were 3 police cars and a news vam parked in front of the store.  We had to circle the lot several times to find a spot. And more and more cars were filtering in. But what took the cupcake was a lady sitting by the entrance with a table of Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee for sale.  Now, that’s just genius!

Once in I have to admit it wasn’t bad. We walked around looking at a few items and decided to get one of the good deals as a gift.  Sure, there were plenty of peeps shopping but no mobbish grabbing of DVDs or IPads.  Probably the 20 minute wait to check out most resembled the Black Friday shopping experience but I honestly 20 minutes wasn’t bad.

When we left, 4 guys were standing in a line on the sidewalk.  I’m nosey and always out for a bargain so I asked them why.  They explained in 45 minutes Best Buy would release a doorbuster.  They had no clue what the doorbuster was but they were there nonetheless.  Better bargain shoppers than I…I cannot bring myself to stand in line, in the cold night air, for an unknown sale.  Poor guys…I hope the doorbuster turned out to be something super.

As we left with a bag full of gifts gotten for a steal I remebered seeing a great deal on Pyrex dishes at Belk.  I figured I already ditched my convictions…might as well go for broke.

The mall scene differed greatly from Best Buy.  In front of the store paramedics were loading a shopper into the ambulance.  Also, shoppers filled practically every inch of the store.  I made my way to the kitchen wares and found the Pyrex set.  Good thing I went that night!  There were only 2 left!

While I had pleasant shopping experiences, I don’t think you’ll see me out there again.  Everytime I think about shopping on Thanksgiving night, a twinge of guilt pings my soul.  I’ll reserve my Black Friday shopping to Friday only or online shopping.  The year has 362 days in which the stores can lure us from our dollars.  Surly they can reserve 3 days to allow their employees to put their families first.  And properly digest their turkey!


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