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Today I crafted with a Rainbow Loom

on November 29, 2013

Don’t know what it is?  Don’t feel bad…I didn’t either.

The day after Thanksgiving is family time.  Sometimes we scope out the Black Friday deals and brave the crowds together.  Sometimes we just hang out at the house.  This year I decided to just stay home to spend time with the relatives I only see twice a year.

My brother in law bought his daughter a Rainbow Loom and asked if I would like to help my neice make a bracelet.  Of course I could not turn down crafting with my super cute, super sweet neice!

The board came in three pieces along with the pegs to fit in the board.  It took me a little while to put it together and in the end we were missing two pegs.  We weren’t sure if the manufacturer misscounted or if my super cute, super sweet, super 2 year old nephew decided he needed them more. At any rate we worked around their absence.


The board came with instructions to make a triple band bracelet.  My neice placed the rows of rubber bands but needed some help making the triangle part of the pattern.  At this point I needed to consult YouTube for a clearer explaination.  We needed to use the hook to move the bands from one peg to the next and I wanted to make sure to do it correctly.  Thank you Ashley for your super dooper video!  🙂

Just as we moved the last band I place, a band from the first row broke.  Yikes!  Probably a more experienced loomer could have easily replaced the band however I’m a newb. This beginner just started all over.

Fast forward 15 minutes and we are back in business.  I then pulled the completed bracelet off and my neice put it on.  Unfortunately, the bracelet wasnt large enough.  I tried to finagle a simple chain to add to it but it would have taken too many and may not have looked right.  Shucks! Break my heart…we have to make another! lol

I have to admit once I got the hang of the pattern I really enjoyed looming.  I wouldn’t mind if Santa left me one under the tree… 🙂


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