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Today I made Snowball Ornaments

on December 3, 2013

A dear friend told me of a craft she found while surfing Pinterest involving a snowflake paper punch and a styrofoam ball and asked if I would like to help her make a few.

She had me at craft.

She pulled up the link to the blog titled How to Make a Snowflake Christmas Ornament and I fell in love with the little orb of paper snowflakes.  Oh they are so awesome!!  We scrolled through the directions and tutorial pictures and both declared we could so make them!  Over the weekend, she gathered the supplies and brought them so we could assemble them during our lunch.

The original instructions discuss using glitter to make the little snowflakes sparkle.  It’s a nice touch but we thought maybe using the pre-glitter paper would eliminate one step.  Unfortunately, the card stock was just too heavy to use with the punch and after much grunting we decided to abandon the pre-glittery paper.  We then used plain card stock to punch out a blizzard of paper snowflakes. wpid-20131203_120201.jpg

The original instructions used 3 inch styrofoam balls.  We opted for 2.5 inch balls just cause that’s how us craft rebels roll.


We then assembled the punched snowflakes on the ball and used a sequin and straight pin to hold in place.  I opted to use two snowflakes for definition and found the easiest way to position them was for the bottom flake to touch edges with the other snowflakes but allow the top snowflake to curl up alittle.  We also experimented with multicolored sequins but liked the look of all one color sequins the best.

To finish off the ball, I used some ribbon and secured it to the ball with a larger sequin and straight pin.


Crafter Beware!  These are addicting to make.

Luckily, I’m not a craft addict.

A craft addict would have promptly left work and headed to the nearest craft store for more styrofoam balls and sequins.

I went to the second closest store.

An addict would stay up all night trying out the different colors and combinations of sequins.

I promise I will be in bed by 11:57 pm…3 minutes shy of “all night”.

An addict would plot and plan who to gift these to so as to have excuse to make more.

So far, I’m keeping them all to myself…lol



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