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Today I changed out a tail light bulb

on December 5, 2013

A couple of weeks ago my flasher noise went from regular to fast.  Kind of like singing Jingle Bells but then sing it Barbara Streisand pace.  I knew what this meant…the truck is broke…time to buy my Buick Enclave I have been dreaming of for 2 years!  I checked my piggie bank and unfortunately don’t have 35k laying around but do have $5… so I guess I’ll just change the bulb.

I’m not what you would call a grease gal.  After listening to the fast turn signal for several weeks, I went to the auto department at Walmart looking for the bulbs but couldn’t find them.  Being too embarrassed to ask, I consoled myself in the yarn aisle for a while and then left.  The Walmart near my house seems to be a mini version of a true Walmart and I just thought maybe they didn’t carry bulbs.  Today I happened to be back at the store and tried again.  Maybe I just overlooked them.  I went down each aisle studying the shelves with no luck.  I gathered the gumption to ask and after 3 associates the last guy took me right to them…they were on the back wall…geesh…who looks there?  The guy even walked me through the little computer gadget to get the part number.  He probably had no faith I could find the right number.  I’m not offended.  After walking past the bulbs at least 5 times, I don’t have faith in myself either! lol

Alright, bulbs acquired…step 1 successful!

Youtube rocks!  You could probably find how to build a house in a weekend on there.  I just knew they would have a video on how to change out the bulb.  Sure enough…a 56 second video…Wow!  What a synch this will be!  During the video the guy mentioned some type of tool needed for the screws.  I have a little general tool box so I figured whatever I need should be in there.

By the time I was able to work on this project today, the sun had gone down.  Nothing a flash light couldn’t fix, right?  Well, the first flashlight I found wouldn’t turn on.  No biggie…I can change batteries.  Batteries changed but still no light.  Ugh!  Fixing a flashlight AND changing a bulb in one day is just too much!  So I found another light.

Ok…video watched…bulbs, flashlight and tool kit in hand…I’m ready to do this!

I didn’t pay much attention to the tool name since I didn’t recognize it.  Besides, it kinda looked like a phillips head screw and I have one of those in my kit.  I pull down the tailgate and sure enough, just as the video said, there were two screws.  I started with thewpid-20131205_174908.jpg phillips head screwdriver…it fit!  but sure didn’t budge the screw!  Back to the tool box.  Next I tried various hex keys (I confess…I didn’t know the names of the thingys!) without success.  Time to consult some professionals.

Hubbie came home and showed me I needed a star tip screwdriver…low and behold, I have one in my kit!

*Rolled up my sleeves* I can do this!…right tools, right light, right bulb…I took the two screws out without any fuss…WooHoo!!  But wouldn’t you know, the red plastic light won’t budge.  I can pull on it about an inch but not enough to get into the assembly.

At this point, I’m waving the white flag.  I guess I’m not grease gal material after all.

Good thing the blog is something NEW everyday versus SUCCESSFUL everyday! lol : )


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