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Today I tried out Shopkick

on December 6, 2013

Shopkick…an scavenger hunt app where you earn gift cards…no purchase required…sweet, right?

My sister-in-law introduced me to this.  She invited me a while ago however I didn’t understand it so the email marinated in my inbox.  Oh the points I have missed due to my ignorance!

Feel free to learn from my mistakes!

Ok…this is super easy:
1.  Ask me to invite you.  When you download the app from my invitation, you will start off with 50 points automatically.  That’s a good sum to start with when it comes to Shopkick.

2.  Review point opportunities in your area.  You can earn points by (1) just walking in the store and/or (2) scan particular products.
2a.  There are also coupon deals   built into the app.  For instance,  Target has a $3 off the purchase of $15 of appareal.  Thats a 20% savings…no clipping required!

3.  Redeem your points for products or gift cards.

It’s that easy!

I headed to Target tonight to pick up a few household items.  I opened Shopkick and received 45 points for just for walking in the store.

I then looked through the points I could get for scanning items.   For instance, there were two People magazine offers for 50 points each.  Just look for the matching cover pictured and scan the barcode.  Viola…100 points!

A few tips I learned…
(1) Have your GPS on and plenty of battery charge.

(2) Review what is available and do all the like items together.  Example:  I scanned one perfume item listed but continued on to other aisles only to realize there was another perfume set to scan.  I had to backtrack…

(3) There was a VTech childrens tablet offering I believe 100 points.  It picured the VTech 3S however it did not recognize the barcode.  I scanned the VTech S and Shopkick recognized it.  Just be aware of what the picture shows but venture out to other models or similar products if the scan doesn’t work.

(4) I’m a newb at this so I tried to scanned everything.  If I have plenty of time I would do the same but if time is limited, I would just opt for the higher pointed items.  There were some makeup items that were too specific and would have taken a while to locate…and the scan was worth 10 points…I didn’t cry over passing them up.

(Psst!  *In a hushed tone*  I dont know if this is illegal however after you scan an item and it gives you the points, it takes you to a survey about the product…I answered the surveys for the first 10 products but then realized you can just hit the back button and bypass it…)

(5) Enlist a friend…share the wealth of a cool activity!  And a kickin way to earn extra funds 🙂

(6) Open the app each day…you get points just for checking in.

In one 30 minute trip that I was making anyway, I earned 1200 points.  That can be redeemed for a $5 gift card. I’m not saying you’ll get rich off the app but my sister in law told me her sister did this and covered Christmas with this extra moola.

I’m all for a free Christmas!

Also for a meer 6,250,000 points you can earn a cruise around the world…That’s quite motivating but I totally have my eye on the scooter 🙂

Happy scanning!


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