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Today I met with a Pet Communicator

on December 7, 2013

Subject: Emmy Ann
Areas of improvement: chews blankets, barks irrationally at the door, charges at cats to get off the bedwpid-20131207_135706.jpg

On Friday, I spied an ad in the local paper about a pet communicator offering sessions at a nearby pet salon.  10 minutes for $20.  Visions of the pet psychic ran through my head.  To be clear, I’m not a skeptic but I’m not a 100% believer.  Either way, I had to try her out.

I have quite a few pets so choosing who to take took some thought.  I opted for Emmy Ann, for the sake of my bedding.

Emmy Ann is my shadow and probably the one dog I’ve emotionally damaged the most.  I treat my dogs more like kids than canines.  The Dog Whisperer would say I need to be the Alpha.  But when it comes to puppy dog eyes, I just melt.  I mean, look at that picture!  That is Emmy Ann in the lobby at the pet salon.  I put her on the floor with all the other dogs to take her picture and let her socialize.  She was quite offended to be treated like a “dog”!

The communicator greeted us in the sitting area and took us back to an open play area.  Emmy Ann could have gotten down and ran around but she opted for the comfort of my lap.  The communicator said she would like to do an energy reading of Emmy Ann.  I said sure…but not really sure what an energy reading was.  The communicator shut her eyes and stayed quiet for a minute.  When she opened her eyes she said Emmy Ann has quite a few “ouchies” in her hips and spine.  She said Emmy Ann has been hurting for a while and that it started hurting when the door shut on her. !!!!!?  I’ve had Emmy Ann all her life and do not recall a time where the door was shut on her.  Not that I disbelieve the communicator…just that I would have a cow if Emmy Ann got hurt!  But at the same time I have noticed Emmy Ann is growing more weary of jumping off the couch.  I assumed at age 8 that just came with age.  She recommended a canine chripractor to get adjusted (they have those?!).  She stated that’s why she chews on blankets at night…it relieves her TMJ.  Who knew?  I thought she was just nervousness/anxious.

The communicator continued the reading.  I would say she hit on more truths than not.

Emmy Ann told the communicator about all our other pets without me having to offer any information.  Emmy Ann spoke of Poppie who seems to be her sibling rival.  I always thought Poppie ruled the house and Emmy Ann continued to challenge her for alpha.  Through the session I learned Emmy Ann is the alpha but she lets Poppie think she is.  And the squabbles I see are when Emmy Ann’s patience has been exhausted and she has to put Poppie in her place.  Overall, she likes Poppie but her neediness gets on her nerves.  That blew me away becuase Poppie is SUPER needy.  Again, I supplied no info.

The communicator went further to say Emmy Ann thinks it’s her job to take care of me.  Awww!!  She said Emmy Ann sees that I take care of everyone and worry over them so she feels she needs to care of me and worry for me.  That’s where the barking comes from…she’s protecting me.  Instant guilt trip set in for me!  My poor little pup shouldn’t have to worry for me!

The communicator hit on one or two items that I didn’t think were correct.  She said Emmy Ann hates to get her feet wet.   Emmy Ann is usually the dog that will stand out in the rain, oblivious to the wetness.  She also said Emmy Ann likes the cats.  Uh…she chases them off the bed or fusses at them if they walk to close to her.  This information I did volunteer for explaination and the communicator said as alpha Emmy Ann feels she needs to control them too and bedtime is something sacred to her.  She thinks the cats disturb resting on the bed and ushers them away to keep the quiet.

Now…I have to share the cutest thing.  Everytime the communicator would say “Emmy Ann says…”  Emmy Ann would turn her head to look at me…almost to say “Yep, that’s what I say!”…lol…too cute!

To wrap up the session the communicator asked if I would like to ask Emmy Ann anything.   I was curious if there was anything more I could do for Emmy Ann to make her life better.  I thought I would get a response like: “More treats”, “Boot the cats from the house” or “Give Poppie a puppy Prozac!”.  The communicator said yes…there is a bend in the yard and we rarely go there but she loved when we did in the past because of the different smells and exploring she could do.  The communicator asked me if I understood “the bend in the yard” because she herself didn’t understand.  I absolutely knew what she meant.  I have a fenced in area around the house the dogs usually go out in but the backyard is beyond the corner of the house.  From a pups point of view that would be a bend.  What a cool response!

She also asked if I would like to tell Emmy Ann anything.  Yep, I sure do!  That Emmy Ann doesn’t have to worry about me or anything else.   It’s my job to care for everyone and I’m happy to do so.

Overall, visiting a pet communicator was worth the time and money.  Since our visit Emmy Ann does seem more calm and I’m more aware of her temidness in jumping and being carried in certain positions.  I haven’t changed my mind about believing in “psychics” but the experience was a positive one. : )


2 responses to “Today I met with a Pet Communicator

  1. Heath says:

    Erica, we have seen a Communicator several times with HUGE success. You know that I am as skeptical as they come, but she knew things she could Never have known. I noticed you did not name your person…understandable…if you are comfortable doing so, email me and let’s see if it is the same person. I can also give you some insight on Pet Chiro as we did that (on our Communicator’s suggestion at last reading). Heath.

    • iamerica911 says:

      That’s awesome Heath! : ) I would love to hear about your experiences! (Especially about the puppy chiropractor because I’m considering it). I thought about mentioning the communicator’s name but I want to make sure she is ok with it before publishing. I’ll pm you though.

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