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Today I tried agave syrup in my coffee

on December 9, 2013

wpid-20131209_085328 (2)What do you do when you have a huge list of to-dos, a little sleep deprivation and only 24 hours in a day?   Arm yourself with the Happy Penguin large coffee mug and head to the nearest Kuerig!

I’ve become dependent on one cup of coffee a day during the week.  I find I’m more productive when I’ve got some java surging through my veins.

When I make my cup of joe, I usually sweeten it with Splenda, two packets to be exact.

I like my coffee sweet. : )

Splenda…I thought the little yellow packet was the best choice.  I converted from sugar to artificial sugar many years ago with the thought less calories = healthier option.  I started with Equal but then transitioned to Splenda.  Supposedly, an ingredient derived from bananas made Splenda better than Equal.

I say supposedly because I’ve stopped drinking the Kool-Aid and have realized man-made chemicals suck!   Splenda is several hundred times sweeter than sugar.  Also, recent research has shown, even if the sweetener is no calorie, receptors in your mouth sense sweetness and activate the same responses as if consuming sugar.

Wow!  Who knew?!

With 2 packets, that makes my cup of coffee 1200x sweeter than a sugared cup of coffee?!  I bet my body thought I consumed 5 lbs of sugar a morning!

Geesh…a little joe with my diabetic coma, please!

December 9…the day I decided to ditch the evil imposter!

But where does that leave me and my creamy brown jazzy juice?  Honestly, my coffee and I are at a loss.

What could even come close?!

*Insert panic attack here!* 

I discovered a list of natural sugar alternatives and agave was listed.  Hey!  I have that!!  I happened to have picked some up at Trader Joes a few months back to use in a recipe (that I have yet to make! Possible future try something new post…stay tuned…lol).

And saying agave just sounds sexy…agave…….agave…….agave….

I could so rock agave… my coffee.

Before I put the agave in my freshly brewed Butter Toffee flavored coffee, I taste-tested it.  Not bad…kinda like pancake syrup without the maple flavoring…however, my artificially distorted taste buds still put up a fight.  I’m not a professional food critic…I just play one in a blog.  As such, I will do my best to describe.  After consuming just chemicals, when you return to sugar items, they seem to have a distinct taste/texture.  Almost like a heaviness that lasts well beyond just the one sip.  Somehow the artificial flavorings seem to have a cleaner taste to me.  But there’s no turning back…so like it or not, the syrup will have to be worthy of my java.

The agave made my coffee drinkable…I think someone who uses sugar then transitioned to agave would have less of a shock, if they could even tell the difference.  But for me and my taste buds, we have committed to change our toxic ways…it may take us a day or twenty three million but we will adjust.

Oh snap!!  What is in Diet Coke?!  Diet Coke and air are equally necessary in my life!

*Insert PANIC ATTACK here*



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