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Today I made a vegan dish

on December 13, 2013

wpid-20131215_191333 (2)Tonight, a group of us surprised a friend for her birthday.  She is an exceptional lady and one of her (many) respectable characteristics is she is vegetarian with a vegan slant.  She chose to be vegetarian at a young age out of the love of animals.  I love her definitive answer when discussing food options: “NO DEAD ANIMAL!”  I truly admire she lives according to her values and want to be her when I grow up : )

For the party, we each prepared a vegetarian/vegan dish.  I started two weeks ago researching recipes.  I wanted to be adventurous in my selection.  I figured if I’m going to do something new, I might as well do something big.  I started with vegan recipes and aimed for a dessert.  Unfortunately, everything I found seem to call for odd ingredients…well, odd to me and my conventional cooking way.  Nothing seemed to grab me.

With my schedule, I realized I needed to be able to prepare something the night before and for the dish to be able to save for the next night.  Then, I explored raw vegan recipes.  I found several recipes for no bake cookie balls.  One was similar to a Nutter Butter and luckily I had all the ingredients.  The recipe called for natural nut butter, raw honey, coconut flour and ground flax seed…easy breezy lemon squeezy!  I mixed it all up as directed, rolled the first ball out and like all good cooks, tasted it…


The trash can gobbled up that mess.

On to the next recipe…I was running out of time so I googled EASY vegan party dishes and popto presto…a super fast dip recipe popped up!  Bean Queso Dip…a can of vegan chili (Amy’s) and vegan, nondairy, cream cheese.  One minute prep time…My golly…I certainly could not mess that up!

The day of the party, while I was out, I stopped in at Whole Foods and found the chili and cream cheese.  When I got home I whipped the dip up and tasted it.  Not bad…it needed something else but I ran out of time to experiment.

In retrospect, I would have either used the Hormel vegetarian chili…or would have added some taco seasoning.  But all in all, one could not tell the difference between the vegan version and the dead animal version!


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