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Today I tried to decorate the Christmas tree by myself

on December 15, 2013

My Christmas tree is naked and ashamed.wpid-20131215_182315.jpg

It’s December 15th and does not even one ornament adorning it’s ample branches.

The branches droop in sadness.

My life has been crazy busy over the last few weeks…appointments, friend’s gatherings, shopping, holiday events, working…I’ve been juggling better than Spunky the Clown!  Evident by the missing blogs.  I promise you, I have been doing something news everyday and have notes all about what my adventures…but the clock runs out of time each day!

Traditionally, I decorate the Christmas tree well before December 1.  I ideally like to have the Christmas tree decorated before Thanksgiving (however I don’t light it…to have respect for Turkey day).  I find getting the Christmas tree up early fills the house with Christmas cheer and gives me a full month to enjoy it’s splendor.  To decorate the tree, I cue up the movie White Christmas, make hot chocolate with a heaping amount of marshmallows, have friends or family around and go to town unpacking my lifetime of ornament collecting.  Each ornament has a story or meaning.  Some are homemade, some stolen from my parent’s collection and some tokens I’ve collected along the way.  I also re-read all my annual letters and laugh at their contents.  Annual letters are one page summaries of that years events that get packed away with the decorations at the end of the season and become rediscovered the following year.  I have some from my early twenties that are a hoot.  In each one I declare the guy I’m dating at that time “is the one” and turn all the a’s and o’s into hearts when I write of him.  See, my goofballness goes way back.

Back to 2013…hubbie did break out the tree for me a few weeks ago but time had not allowed for the decorating.  The house was empty and my schedule was clear.  By golly, I cannot stand this bare tree any longer!  I’m breaking out the decorations and doing this junk myself!

My Christmas decorations are stored in the garage in a loft space that requires a ladder to get to.  I don’t go out into the garage much.  Freaky things live out there!  Spiders, cobwebs, jumping crickets…I have nothing to do with anything that has more than 4 legs!!

So, I wearily open the door.  Two tiny spiders scurried up a web.  I had an involuntary body shiver but persevered through the entrance.  Luckily, the ladder still stood by the Christmas area so no heavy lifting or awkward maneuvering required.  Score!  As I climbed the ladder steps, I heard some scurrying across the garage.

I stopped instantly!  What the heck is that?!  Visions of monsters, ugly aliens and the boogey man came to mind

I thought to myself: “Maybe it’s the cat… Sure…it’s the cat!…Totally it’s the cat!”

Then I heard it again…scurry scurry scurry…rustle rustle rustle

Hmm…could that still be the cat?  It’s not sounding like the cat…

I looked around from the top of the ladder to see if I could see any clues to elude to what the noise maker could be…I peeked and peered and even stood on my tippy toes to catch a sighting.  I caught a sighting alright!  A mouse ran up the edge of the large garage door and then took a huge leap…(I mean like an epic leap of faith!)… sailing through the air with all four of its leg spread-eagled, to land somewhere on the floor a few feet away.

I stood there on the top step of the ladder in total shock…Did I just see what I saw?!  No…maybe that was something else … like … a bat … or … a bird … or … a tailless squirrel … no…the shape was not right…

I came to realize: IT WAS TRULY A MOUSE!!  ACK!!!!  Instant HEEBEE-JEEBEES!!

I scoped my immediate area looking for any other ninja mice…seeing none I RAN!  I scurried down the ladder and ran into the house, slamming the door.

I can try to be brave when facing insects, arachnids, dust and cobwebs…but I draw the line at leaping mice who obviously have a death wish.

Maybe it’s not so bad waiting…what’s a few more days for my He-Man, Fighter of All Things Creepy, Warrior to have some time to rescue my cherished decorations from the savage garage.


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