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Today I freshened my house with lemon

on December 16, 2013

I’m in Christmas baking preparation mode.

Before I can get into a serious baking mode, I have to ensure my house, especially my kitchen, sparkles from the cleanliness.  Today, floors are my focus.

My goal: my feet to squeaky when I walk across the floor.

This means some serious elbow grease, on hands and knees to scrub every nook and cranny until I feel confident you could literally eat sweet potato casserole off the floor.

But please don’t…I’ll be happy to give you a bowl!

I normally use Mr. Clean and Pine Sol.  I obtain that squeaky clean and get the added bonus of a pleasant smell through out the house.  Today, I’m trying something new…more of an experiment for a future post I’m pondering.  I’ve been exploring ways to use natural products rather than commercial cleaners and decided to try white vinegar to clean the floors.  Now, I know I could dilute the vinegar it to get a nice clean…but I want a deep clean…reference the sweet potato casserole…so I’m using it full strength.

The vinegar worked great!  I swear the floors have lightened up a couple of shades!


(I striped them in a few areas…)

I’m happy with the clean…

but the smell…

yeah, not so much.


Back to the internet.

I’ve seen recipes for simmering a pot of fragrant items, such as cinnamon sticks, oranges, rosemary, etc to freshen the house.  I wanted a recipe like that but I wanted to use lemons.  I love the smell of lemons!  And I lucked up on a good deal at Sam’s last week for Meyer Lemons which would be perfect for this use.  I couldn’t find exactly the recipe what I was looking for so…sit down for this…I made my own!

And it’s so complicated:wpid-20131216_160354.jpg

A pot of water
4 lemons

Bring the pot of water to a boil.  Slice lemons.  Once the water is boiling, add in the lemon slices.  Reduce to a simmer and leave simmering all day.

I know…I know…I should probably patent that recipe or something but I will just consider it my Christmas Gift to vinegary smelling houses everywhere.

It worked : )

The lemons fought the battle for the house smell and the vinegar lost.   Boo-yah vinegar!

The bright, sunny, lemony scent has permeated all the rooms.  All with natural ingredients! : )

Baking season…here I come : )


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