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Today I tried a banana-hack

on December 22, 2013

The other day I kinda got lost in pintest land.  I try to stay away from pinterest…yes, I have a board and love the idea of pinning items I want to keep track of (and not have to waste paper to print them) but inevitably, once on the site, I can get lost…I mean, for life days.

Pinterest truly aggravates my ADD and I don’t even have ADD.

While on the site, I found a neat idea…how to keep bananas fresher, longer.  This is truly a large dilemma in my household.  I can never consume bananas before they turn brown/black.  I believe my house resides in the exact spot in which bananas come to die.  I have averted this problem up to this point by freezing them to use with my Yonanas but I now have enough bananas to make  Yonanas for years…even leap years.  So, when I stumbled upon this banana trick, I just had to try it!  (for the sake of space in my freezer!)


Simple trick: Use cling wrap to wrap around the main stem of the banana bunch…easy breezy lemon squeezy!!

However, my generic cling wrap wouldn’t cling.wpid-20131223_100924.jpg

What’s a girl to do??!!  Packing tape! (Girlie version of the male solution: Duck tape)wpid-20131223_101008.jpg

Viola! wpid-20131223_101208.jpg

I’ll keep ya posted on how long they last! : )


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