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Today I made grain free pancakes

on December 23, 2013

Two days before Christmas and I’m already ready to begin my New Year’s slim down.  The weight of those delicious goodies from the various holiday parties is now showing up on my scale and we haven’t even hit the big day yet!  Tis the season I know…but I’m more jiggly than jolly!

Today I proclaim I’m gonna aim for a healthy day!

I say aim cause I have no faith it will last beyond 11:30 am.

I’ve seen a recipe on several blogs about a two ingredient, grain free pancake.  Two ingredients means me and my limited cooking skills should be able to handle it.  Grain-free means less carbs and no evil wheat.  I’m totally game.

The ingredients: 1 very ripe banana…2 eggs.  wpid-20131218_085434.jpg

The directions:  whip these babies up, pour in the pan, close your eyes, wave your spatula while saying “AB-BRA-KA-DAB-BRA-BROWN-SUGAR” and *poof* you have just as good as IHOP pancakes.

And that’s what I did…I mushed the banana, whisked the eggs and poured together.  I took my handy 1/4 measuring cup and scooped some “batter” in the pan.  During the research on this recipe this morning I found a few tips: make sure the side is completely cooked before attempting to turn the pancake over, there are various additions you can add to improve this recipe (cinnamon, berries, honey, etc…some recipes called for baking powder which would technically make it three ingredients…possibly too complicated for me so I’m opting to ignore this)

wpid-20131218_091329.jpg  Everything looked great…I even used coconut oil (another recommendation).

I waited patiently to turn it over…just as recommended.wpid-20131218_091914.jpg

Everything still looks good…just like a regular pancake!

My mouth was watering.

This is so easy!  And I cannot believe this is healthy!

I began planning out how I could make this my breakfast staple!

Now for the taste test:wpid-20131218_092610.jpg

Drum Roll please!


OMG!  Yuck!!

It tasted just like a fried egg with banana added.  Far from the fluffy, sweet deliciousness I planned on!

After a few swigs of chocolate milk and gingerbread ninja cookie I finally got the taste out of my mouth.

Disclaimer:  When you Yahoo! grain free pancakes, the other bloggers rave about them as if they are the best thing since yarn was invented.  Obviously I must have not done something right.  Maybe my banana was too ripe…maybe my eggs were too “farm fresh”…maybe the baking powder would have helped…maybe I’ll just concede that I’m no Aunt Jamima and healthy pancakes are a myth.

I’ll keep pondering this over something else healthy…grandma’s fruit cake!




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