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Today I attended Christmas Mass

on December 25, 2013

This year I felt it important to attend a church service in celebration of Christmas.  I usually always mean to get to church but my to do list becomes a monster of its own and takes over.  The monster tried to steal my service again this year but I conquered!!!

The plan was to attend the 3:30 pm service at the local Baptist church on Christmas Eve.  That time worked out great…I worked until noon…had a few hours to wrap up any loose ends, attend service and then go light hunting.  Super slick scheduling!  But after work, during my loose ends, I realized my brakes were grinding.

Is that bad?

We have determined I’m not a car chick so I didn’t quite understand the significance of it.  I stopped in at the local car shop between errands and “got the talk” from the car dude.

Grinding brakes are bad…no more driving…repair required asap…small fortune…they are closing up shop…Merry Christmas.

Fiddle sticks…

I limped the truck to the nearest chain shop and they took pity on me.  Got the truck back into the shop and they delivered the news…truck broke…time to buy the Buick Enclave…they called Santa and will have it delivered Christmas…

ok…sorry… that was a bit of a Christmas wish…the reality: brakes gone, brakes AND roters need to be replaced for the grand total price of $800!!!

Can you say OUCH?!?!

Luckily they could do the work same day and would be ready by 4 pm.  Light hunting was scheduled for 6 pm.  Two hours to do loose ends…scheduling now not so slick…

Luckily, I live close to a Catholic church…they cater to those of us with schedule monsters…a service schduled every two hours.  I have been raised and consider myself Baptist but I have family that are Catholic ( and have much respect for the religion ).  In the end, I believe God would rather have me at any service versus no service so Catholic it is.  After light hunting, at 9 pm, I pondered the 9:30 pm service but I had some Santa stuff to do and really needed to make it home.   I pondered the midnight service but honestly the day tuckered me out…and I would hate to catch Santa in the act of delivering my Enclave.

7:30 am Christmas Day service was the answer! !

All in all, I’m thankful everything worked out the way it did.  The message spoke of the meaning of Christmas as the aweing passion of God’s love.  Hearing that first thing Christmas morning really set the perspective of the day’s events.

The only thing that mattered today was love.  Loving our family,  loving our neighbor, valuing time together versus what gifts were under the tree.  Sure, I knew this…but experiencing a sermon emphasising the message seemed to add a lasting weight to the thought.

I spent the day surrounded by my family…I’m blessed beyond measure just to be able to say that…I pray the same for you.

Merry Christmas! 🙂  God bless!! 🙂



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