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Today I ate a mango

on January 2, 2014

Santa knows about my slow education in exotic fruits and veggies so he included a mango in my stocking.  Usually apples and oranges fill the toe of the stocking but this year he splurged!

Cause I’ve been a good girl this year 🙂

As you can see, I tortured the poor fruit trying to cut it.  I had no idea how to even attack cutting it…should have consulted the handy youtube.  I just took my ginsu knife and cut along the spine.  I felt the core but invisioned the mango would easily yield, kinda like an avocado.  Not so much.  Anyhoo, I managed some haphazard slices…enough to give it a whirl.

Nevertheless,  I liked it!

I took the skin off as I ate the slices.  The mango has a canalope like texture and very sweet taste.

I just love the color too!  Very sunny 🙂

Great for a dreary, chance of snow kinda day 🙂


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