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Today I found

on January 3, 2014

I’ve been under the weather today.  In my area, our temperatures here lately have been wildly inconsistent so it’s no surprise that many of us are sick.  You can now count me as another fallen victim.

As such, I’ve been worthlessly unproductive today and have spent way too much time on Facebook.  Well, I occupied my time of Facebook until I found my new crack,

I’m addicted to crafty websites.  My addiction began with way back in the day.  I had to break up with that site because I killed many a tree and consumed large quantities of ink printing out all the neat ideas.  At that time, I didn’t trust the internet to stick around and felt I had to have hard copies, just in case.  I stayed strong and refrained from getting sucked in to a website…almost to the point I thought I kicked my habit…until there was Facebook.  Sure, you can use FB to connect with friends and stay close to distant family but I use it to keep tabs on all the craft blogs I follow.  By now, all my followed bloggers feel like my adopted family so it works.  Then Pinterest came along.  I had to ban myself from Pinterest because (1) I would literally lose hours looking through peoples boards and (2) I would leave the site so mad that there is only 24 hours in a day which is no where near enough time to craft as much as I NEED to.  And, I had to ban myself from Etsy because I would go broke buying patterns. 

But today I found 

As I scrolled through FB, I came across a friend’s post (one actually made it through the blog postings!) of a super cute Cabbage Patch inspired knitted hat.  I fell through the rabbit hole which led me to… a whole new wonderland. seems like a cleaner version of Pinterest.  You can find crafty patterns (yeah!), DiY projects, photography inspirations and various other super neat posts with a few “uber cute” postings of pictures of babies and pets that could just melt your monitor.  Within seconds the site consumed me.  I discovered an upcycle idea for whiskey barrels (not that I have any but kinda linked into Saturday’s distillery tour), an awesome idea for a rainbow cake (if only I hadn’t just banished carbs as my New Years resoltion!), a neat cardmaking how to using flowers and veggies (my produce drawer will fully stocked by tomorrow – but not for eating!)…just to name a few posts.

Now, I hear concern in your mental dialog.  You think this site will be like all the others…an unhealthy relationship that will inevitably crash and burn. 

Could be…maybe…probably…

But I really think things could be different this time… 🙂


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