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Today I learned to fly fish

on January 4, 2014

First off, let me just say, today is what this blog is all about and I have just been over the moon with excitement!  

I saw a post on our city’s facebook page about a fly fishing seminar offered today.  2 hours…free…no experience or equipment required…close by…my recipe for fun! 🙂  Now, I’ve never had an interest in fly fishing in my life and at first, I dismissed the opportunity.  Then I thought about the blog…oh, what a perfect activity to report on!  I just had to do it!   Can you feel my growth?!

Today, the temperature was 30-40 degrees.  I bundled up!  Two sweaters, a sweater coat, jeans, scraf and gloves.  I almost felt like Ralphie’s little brother from Christmas Story.  I even used one of those little hand warmer packets but had no pockets in my sweaters or coat, so it had to reside in my jean pocket. Needless to say, my hip bone stayed toasty!

The seminar started in the activity room at the local park.  We spent the first hour covering all the basics about fly fishing.  We learned all about rods, reels, lines and flys.  I now know the difference between a weight forward line and a double tapered line and I could go to almost any general sporting store and pick out my first fly fishing rod outfitting. I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous…with a credit card.

Then the fun began!  We got the chance to sit with a mentor and learn hands on how to create a fly.  OMG!  A sport that requires crafting…I may be in love!  I opted to sit with Bill, the overarching mentor for the local fly fishing chapter.  He walked me through creating a wooley bugger fly.


In the end, this is what our flys looked like.  Mr. Bill’s is the larger bodied one (top), which looks like a nice size buggie…very enticing to a fishie.  Mine (bottom), as in all my crafting, I made pretty tight. In the end, my fly looks less appealing to the fishies.  Mr. Bill also said my tail was pretty large but should be ok. I’m not sure how my bootie plays into fly fishing.

Then the group went outside in the brisk winter chill to practice casting.  10 and 2 is not exculsive to driving!  10 and 2 helps in casting as well. 

I attempted casting but it wasn’t pretty (notice the lack of pictures).  In casting, you take a very long line (~9 feet) with your fly (hook) at the end and flail it in the air behind you then in front of you…numberous times before laying the line in the water.I think the whole time I feared getting a hook in my derrière,  (hmm…may be what Mr. Bill eluded to!).  At the end of my session, the instructor tells me he makes sure not to have hooks on the line…now he tells me!  *geesh* 🙂

During the information portion, the instructor did say 30 mins of their instruction plus 1000 hours of practice makes a fly fisher. As such, I consider myself in the first 15 mins…lol. 

I had such a blast!  I cannot believe I would have just passed this up! 

I wonder what adventure tomorrow’s something new will be?!


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