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Today I socked my dog

on January 8, 2014

Oscar, one of my dog babies, has a back issue which causes him trouble when walking.  He has an arachnoid cyst on his spine and several years back the doctors operated on it but the pesky thing returned.  As such, I just do what I can to help him out and keep him comfortable.  He gets along pretty well, he just wobbles a little and shuffles his feet.  1493197_10152078647293150_1821670728_n (2)

While shopping on Amazon, I wondered if they had traction booties for pups.  I figured maybe a little traction assistance would help him walk better.  Low and behold, they do!  Traction Socks!  Even better than booties!

I ordered them puppies!  What could it hurt?!

They arrived a few weeks ago but I waited for a day in which I could be around to keep an eye on him.  Today is the day!  I slipped socks on just his back legs.  He can get around pretty well with his front paws and those two extra socks could be backups.

At first, he didn’t know what to think.  He got up from laying down (easier than without them) but then just stood there.


Probably think “Hey Lady, what the ham bone?!”

We both waited patiently until he figured out he could step in them.  Then, there was no stopping him!  He walked all around the living room, maneuvering very well!

Then on into the kitchen, all around the tables and chairs…usually this is an area that he avoids because of all the obstacles but now, he didn’t mind.

For the next few hours, he stayed on the go!  He would take a break or two and lay down just to catch his breath or plan out his next adventure but he stayed on the move!  He walked each room several times over, just taking laps just cause he could!

Now, my crafty brain will have to devise a way to keep them on him a little longer.  By the end of the afternoon he walked one off but I still think that’s not bad.

I just recently took him outside with them on.  Normally, he doesn’t venture too far.  Typically, he walks out on the porch from the house but he stops so I can carry him down the steps to the grass, he does his business and then hangs out for me to pick him up to carry him in.  He’s not allowed to traverse steps so as to not injure himself…Vets orders and he knows it.  Today though he ushered out the door and scrambled down the steps before I could even get out the doorway!  And then he was off!  That boy walked…and kept walking…at quite a good pace!  I mean, he was booking it!

Then I realized where he was heading…toward the gate to go outside the yard!  Outside the gate is the entrance to the rest of the world…and usually the world only has two stops…the vet and the groomer…not necessarily fun stops to him.  But no matter, he was determined to get to the gate!

Oh my stars!!!…..I think he was trying to run away!

I jogged a bit to get ahead of him and scooped him up.  This was not part of his plan and growled to protest!

The socks work great…they allow him to walk surefooted and keep his balance when twisting and turning around furniture in his path.

But obviously there is an unadvertised benefit: A sense of adventure, confidence and abandonment!


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