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Today I did the Pinterst Foot Soak

on January 10, 2014


You may have seen this floating around on Facebook or Pinterest.  The foot soak using vinegar, listerine, and warm water.  The claim is the funky foot dry skin will practically wipe off.

I have an extra amount of funky foot dry skin to donate to this experiment.  Let’s just put this to the test.

First off, who can soak their feet in 1 cup of solution?   Obviously not this gal!

I have a clear tote box, about the size of a ankle boot shoe box, that I use for just this kind of thing.  When I put in the 1/4 c listerine, 1/4 c vinegar and 1/2 c warm water, the mixture barely covered the bottom.  So, I quadrupled the recipe which gave just enough to go over my toesies but not far up my foot.

Next, I added a glass of cabernet sauvignon.  Not added to the foot soak…added to me 🙂  If I’m gonna pamper myself, might as well do it right! lol

All set…feet soaking…wine sipping.  Life is gouda 🙂

The foot soak has quite the menthol medicinal smell.  The smell isn’t offensive…just a little pungent and doesn’t pair well with my adult grape juice.  Maybe this is more of a white wjne activity.

15 minutes have passed…I lost track of time typing to you awesome peeps 🙂  Toward the end if the soak I could tell the exfoliation was working.   My feet felt softer.

When I removed my feet from the bath, I had SMURF FEET!!!  My feet turned the Listerine aquamarine color.  I used a hand towel to scrub the coloring off.  I’m assuming the dead skin absorbed the color. I guess I had more dry skin to donate than I originally thought!  This reminds me of the little red pills the dentists used to give kids to show how well they brush their teeth.  Obviously I’m not brushing my feet as well as I thought!  Some of the skin, like on the back of my heel, came off easy.  The rest required a bit more effort.   Almost practically wiped off.

Now, I will admit I’m an diehard flip floper if not barefooter so maybe my feet challenged this recipe a bit more than the average gal.

Nevertheless, the soak did exfoliate and left my feet with a nice tingly, minty fresh sensation.  Like stepping into a case of York Peppermint Patties on a snowcovered mountain top.

I would certainly do this again 🙂  The spa treatment is inexpensive,  fast, relaxing, easy and effective.

I give it 2 foots up!


2 responses to “Today I did the Pinterst Foot Soak

  1. Shannon Campos-Hatfield says:

    i was wondering about this also. LOL. great blog entry!

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