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Today I chopped an onion – the right way!

on January 13, 2014

I’m making my grandmother’s chicken salad.

Of course, everyone declares THIER grandmother cooks the best.  Sorry to break it to ya…MY Bungy is #1.  And lucky me, she taught me a thing or two about her magic : )

Her chicken salad recipe requires special little nuances.  From boiling the chicken to choosing the brand of mayonnaise, there is art in every step.  This chicken salad takes hours and love to make.

Chopping the onions and celery consumes the most time in this recipe.  They have to be a particular size…big enough to be clearly seen but small enough as to not overpower every bite of the salad…but both the celery and the onion have to be cut in uniform size.

When I chop the onions “Erica Way”, the only way I could ensure they all would be the same would be to cut each every ring individually.   Have you ever cut an onion ring by ring?  It’s a long time!  And I would be a puddle the whole time!  Not because of my perfection of wanting every piece the same size…because of the onion fumes!

Surly, one could cut an onion without Kleenexes required!wpid-20140113_144958.jpg

I searched on and found a video by Gordon Ramsay where he demonstrates the proper way to chop an onion.  Gordon Ramsay!!  Just who I need!  The angry, yelling Scottish chef!   I’m glued to the laptop screen!

Chop the onion in half from root to bloom.wpid-20140113_151927.jpg

Chop the half in slices perpendicular to the root.

wpid-20140113_152126.jpgthen two cuts into the onion half…wow!  The onion stays together until this next step…

Chop in the desired sizes parallel to the root.  wpid-20140113_152358.jpg

I’m amazed!!  It took no time at all!!  And was fun!! lol.  I only planned to use half the onion but I wanted to do it again!  So I cut the other half as well.

I always mix by hand all the dry ingredients together first to make sure the composition looks correct.  This looks very much just like my grandmother made!  Don’t the onions just look awesome?!


And the final product:wpid-20140113_155753.jpg

Making this recipe brings me back to my grandmother’s kitchen…the memories of helping her as she prepares meals or sitting at her table, welcomed after a long drive with some homemade goodness.   She passed on to Heaven in March 2009 but I still feel she’s looking over my shoulder and guiding my hand, ensuring her chicken salad is still perfect to this day : )


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