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Today I planked

on January 14, 2014

I don’t know why but I can barely keep my eyes open this evening.  I’ve only worked today, then came home to do the typical chores: dishes, laundry, vacuum and mopping and bedtime cannot come soon enough!

Maybe my workout from last night caught up with me.  I went back to the gym for the first time after a long absence.  When I entered the gym, I looked on the group class bulletin board to review my options.  Aqua Fit was slated to begin in 10 minutes.  Awesome!!  I could do Aqua Fit in my sleep…not the most strenuous workout but my first night’s goal was to just get to the gym and move for 1 hour.

I just want to begin the re-ignition of my exercise passion.

Oh that’s too much…really I just want to get back into shape for the 5ks this summer…

Uh…yah…still not the true core of it all…I just want to undo this holiday weight that has seemed to have found my thighs.

Five minutes into the class, I was watching the clock, evaluating whether I could make it another 55 minutes.  Shamefully, I have really back tracked in my fitness accomplishments.  When I went home last night, I could not cool off.  My legs and arms were hot to the touch…but I’m not complaining…that means those lazy muscles did some work! : )

Fast forward to tonight and my lagging energy.  The gym would have to wait another day.

I finished my chores and the clock read 6:45 pm…way to early to hit the hay and I truly want to keep on top of this exercise thing.

Then the idea hit me…like a piece of wood upside the head…PLANKING!

No, not planking like this:plank

I read about planking a few days ago.  An easy exercise, can be done anywhere, super easy, works all your major muscle groups, very easy, takes no equipment…and have I mentioned very easy?!

Planking:  Start by laying on your tummy on a mat (or the floor but really the mat makes this much more comfortable), put your forearms on the mat and elbows and shoulders aligned.  Next, position your toes as if you were to do a push up.  Lift yourself using your abdomen and hold the position for as long as you can (60-90 seconds).

Let’s do this!! : )

I turned on Mad Men on Netflix…I’m only on Season 3 Episode 12…clearly I could plank AND catch up on the saga that is Donald Draper.

First plank: 6.24 seconds (I timed it…there’s an app for that!)
Uh…did I say this was easy?!

Second plank: 6.01 seconds
I’m changing my tune.

Third plank: 10.38 seconds
That was sheer determination…and I think I held my breath… a planking no-no!

And that’s a wrap.  My arms and legs feel warm again, just like last night.  I also feel the planking in my back.

Have you seen the commercials for  Were they use the work “booking” as an expletive?  Yah, I feel like I’m using planking in the same way.  Like, “That was planking awesome!” or “Dude, you look planking hot!”

I’m not ashamed of my planking performance.  It was my planking first time so it’s all planking good : )  Next planking time I’m gonna planking make it to 20 seconds!

Have a planking good night!! : )


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