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Today I listed an item on eBay

on January 15, 2014

Last Christmas, I ended it up with two copies of the Game of Thrones First Season Collector’s Edition DVD/BluRay boxed set.  Because  of my serial pro-activeness, the return time expired before I could return it to Amazon.

I thought “No biggie…I can sell it on Amazon.”  No go though…Amazon considers this a restricted item…I’m assuming because this DVD set is a limited edition.

I thought “No biggie…I can sell it on Craigslist.”  No go though…I’ve had it listed for several months with no takers.

I thought “No biggie…I can sell it on a local Facebook Yard Sale page.”  No go though…I’ve had it listed on several pages, with no takers.

This IS becoming a biggie!

I guess the only place left to sell it would be Ebay.

I’ve never sold anything on eBay but I sure have bought a lot.  I’ve been a customer since before Y2K…before Paypal…when you had to send your payment via money orders.  I’ve bought crafting supplies, crafting patterns, crafting tools, crafting books and crafting antiques.  Hmm…do you denote a pattern?

I’ve always thought eBay’s fees would be expensive and shipping items would be inconvenient.

But desperate times call for desperate tape measures.  I mean, I feel I’ve had this item forever…I bet the ceramic dragon egg is ready to hatch at any moment now.

I logged into my eBay account and looked through most of the FAQs but could not find any specific amounts for final sales fees.  Then I went to Yahoo and found that a general rule of thumb seems to be 10% in fees.

Oh well, better than the Starks awaiting Winter on my bookshelf.

Can you believe listing the item only took 5 minutes?  I just entered “Game of Thrones Collector’s Box” and up came some templates for like items, including pictures.  Just click on one that most matches what you are selling and the site prefilled most of the ad.  All I had to provide was a description and additional photos.  I posted an actual picture of what I have rather than just rely on the stock pics to prove to customers the box remains un-tampered.  The site even suggested a price range that would attract more customers. AND, ay can configure your shipping charges and print shipping labels for you…at a discount!!  I opted to offer free shipping…to really wrangle them customers in!

Woah! I’m an eBay seller!! That was too easy.  What else around my house can I sell?  Hmm…a particular motocycle in the garage?  the little alien army men that occupy my living room (Warmachine table top figurines)?Ebay

Overall, a quite painless experience…the only negative is I would prefer to know precisely how much the fees will be in the end.  At any rate, next step: Successful eBay seller : )


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