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Today I experienced a Mikey Mason performance

on January 16, 2014

Some friends have raved about a comedian/musician named Mikey Mason.   He only comes to our area a few times a year and tonight happens to be one of those nights.

He performed at a local bar/cantina named Froggies at the oceanfront….about 50 minutes away from my house.  I thought I knew where the bar was but I programmed the address in the Waze app on my phone, just as a backup.

Waze and I have a sordid affair.  When our relationship began, I followed him blindly.  I took every turn as he directed, even when I knew a better way.  Our relationship hit a severe rough patch when I asked him to take me to a dealership to look at a used Buick Enclave.  I knew exactly how to get to the dealership.  I could easily get there in two turns from the main interstate.  Waze however thought differently…and proceeded to tell me to go way off the beaten path, through two neighborhoods, a zillion turns (that’s a precise measure by the way, I counted), and double the travel time.  Needless to say, both that Enclave and Waze failed to impress that day.  I have distrusted Waze ever since (but still heavily in love with the Enclave).

Waze though is a fun, useful app.  As you are driving, you can share incidents on the road to warn other drivers.  Accidents, slow traffic, police…you can give/get heads up about whatever occurs on your path to your destination.  And you get points for reporting incidents!!!  I don’t know what you use the points for but getting points always seems rewarding!

So…back to tonight…I programmed the address in and I expected to turn off on a certain interstate exchange.  When Waze didn’t signal me to turn, I turned anyway.  I knew I needed to get to the oceanfront and my way led me to the oceanfront.  Waze objected the WHOLE way…uturn here…do a clover leaf there.  **Geesh!** He doesn’t surrender!!

I arrived at the oceanfront and pulled off into a hotel parking lot to determine where to go next…as I looked at the map, I realized I needed to be in the northern part of the oceanfront.  I went south.


I turned around and followed exactly what Waze told me to do.  He got me there just as the show started and before my friends so all worked out in the end.

I weaved my way through the packed bar and found the only available table for four in the back.  Mikey Mason was already performing some cover songs which was not his normal material.  I had never heard his comedy/music until today…earlier I crammed for the event and listened to every song I could find on his website.

I had learned enough to recognize his songs, but not enough to sing along…out of consideration for those around me.  I don’t know the exact name for this natural law but those who cannot sing always feel compelled to belt tunes out…loudly.  And that’s me!  I have the music in me!  I feel the uncontrollable urge to sing…especially those soulful ballads!  But I recognize it’s to the detriment of others.  So, I restrict my singing only to in the car (when I am alone), in the shower (when I am home alone) and (my absolute favorite place!!) at concerts where even I cannot hear myself sing.

Mikey Mason continued  with some cover songs until the crowd warmed up.  During his warm up, he sung “Call Me Maybe”.

Just imagine this guy:Mikey

Singing this chicks song:Carly-Rae-Jepsen1

Totally odd…totally quizzical…totally hilarious!!

Then he infused his music into the show.  He did songs like Mama’s Goin Dancing, Mad, and King of Nebraska.  His songs range from “cute funny” to “so weird but funny” on to “Woah, that is SO wrong…but still freaking funny”.  If you don’t know his material, let me just warn you…no topic is off limits.  He can sing about zombies, Grandma now likes girls, games, browncoats…seriously, nothing is taboo.wpid-20140116_213744.jpg

But you will still enjoy it!!

You just have to check him out on his website.  To hear his music, peruse through the blog posts and you will be treated to full length recordings of his songs.

On his website he states he has 3 different shows.  His music gig rocked…I can only imagine how great his geeky and con shows will be!!


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