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Today I listed an item for sale on Amazon

on January 17, 2014

I’m just a blazin’ online sales queen!

I checked my eBay account this morning and the item I listed a few days ago sold!!

Woo Hoo!!

***Doing the “I Sold An Item” dance***

Well, I received a “Best Offer” and the price was reasonable, so I agreed and the DVD set is officially sold : )

I’m on fi-yah (fire if that didn’t come across).

Even though my item sold, I still don’t know what the fees will be.  As such, I’m not wild about listing on eBay again.

And this epic house purge has gotta keep rollin!

The next orphaned item I need to sell is an unopened Star Wars Lego set Gungan Sub.  I buy items all through out the year, as I see good deals, in preparation for Christmas.  I guess I overbought and by the time the next holiday comes along for my Lego lover, I’m concerned if I give it to him he will respond “I already have it, constructed it 172 times over and now it’s little pieces are strategically scattered all over my floor to use as a torture device for any barefoot person who attempts to enter my bedroom.”

I’d be crushed to be thought a bad gifter so I’m gonna sell.

I also cringe at the thought I could be that barefoot person and yah, more motivation to impart this on someone else.

Did you know you could sell items on Amazon?!  How cool!  I imagine Amazon has the largest customer base.  I mean, they get most of my money so surly others also use Amazon as their personal mall.  Therefore, more views = higher chance to sell at a fair price.

I didn’t know how long listing an item would take.  eBay took 20-30 minutes.  I made sure to be prepared for a similar timeframe.  I dressed in my comfy clothes, grabbed a fresh cup of coffee and turned some tunes on.  I just bought the new Lorde album on iTunes so I thought this would be a good opportunity to listen to it’s entirety.

Ok…I’m settled and all ready to sell!

To sell, I looked up the Lego set on Amazon and found the “Have one to sell?” button on the item’s page.  That took me to a screen which asked about the condition of my item, the price I wanted and which shipping options I wanted to give the customer.  The next page reviewed the charges for listing…how novel!  I knew all the dollars and cents before I pushed the submit button!  Amazon

And that was it!  No pictures to take…listing up in 5 minutes…and I knew what my end cost/profit would be!  Now that’s planking easy!!

And I barely got two sips of my coffee and didn’t even get to my favorite song: “Royals” (song 3 on the album)!


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